Great Nooz!!

Dis am frum TortieMom:::

My siscat wrote me that her grandson has been FULLY DISCHARGED from his therapy! They even issued him a joke “certificate” signifying that it would no longer be necessary for him to brave the weather and juggle his work and school schedules to come in for therapy any more. HOORAY!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who remembered Josh and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Cheezpeep in need

Ohai deer peepz!!

A thotful cheezpeep haz sendinged mii a request fur halp fur a fellow cheezpeep hoo am in dire need uv halpz.  Shii sed:

Ai haz a reekwest tu see if ai can git sum halp for owur frend CB in Noo Yawk.  (Not tu be comfused wif de peep naimd CatBurgh hoo alsotoo goze bai CB, aifink.)
Ai haz a egstreemly consirnd abowt hur.  Hur prollim iz dat she had tu frow owt de comfurtur adn blankeez awn hur bed coz kittehz poopd adn peep awn dem (much moar dan wunst) adn she cud nawt git de smell owt no maddur wut, adn she duz nawt haz enuff munnees tu git noo wunz. So nao she haz got ownly a sleepin bag tu keep warm.
Ai wuz wundrin if wii kin taik up a collekshin tu git sum blankies adn a set ob sheetz for hur (izza standard size) sints berry cold wevver iz comin soon in NY. (She haz heets in de apt butt ai dunawt fink it iz ebber warm enuff adn she cannawt controle de temp.) She haz sed dat a elektrik blanket iz nawt a good ideer bekuz ob de kittehz, so ai wuz finking regular inekspensib butt warm fleesy blankeez.  It duz nawt maddur wut dey lookz liek oar de culler, only dat dey iz warm.  (And dat dey iz eezy tu lawndur, just in caise.)
Tu halps CB u kin uze deh PayPal to sending hur munnies.  Wen u am logged in tu PayPal,  click on “Send and Request”, then “Send Money to friends and family”, then enter deh emayo addy mimeecellar @ gmail dot com (using standard internet formatting)  and deh amount u wanting to send hur.  Deh munnies goes strait to CBz account so shii kin buying deh bedding dat shii b needing.

Cards fur KCTailkinker

Awf thred, hour frend KCTailkinker went inn teh horsepittal fer showlder surgeree dis moarnin, it am finishd an went wel akordian tew hurr dr tinycat. Shee wil bee inn teh reg horsepittal fer prolly 2-3 dayze den a skilld nursin facilitee (dunt kno wich wun yit) until shee kan uze teh arm an showlder an manipulayte hurr walker saiflee.

Teh regular horsepittle haz a e-card program sew iff u wud lyke tew send wun jus kontakt me at mai skreen naim at an ai kan giv u teh info. Aifink it wud bee grate tew flood hurr wiv teh e-cards an beeeems an luv fer teh cupple uv dayze sheez dere!

Baby Luke

Dis am frum our belubbed Muchcat:

My dotter rote this for her FB page, to honor her son and to keep his keep memory alive. He was so very precious and I couldn’t possibly have written anything better than this. Go well, dear little grandson.

Sunday, September 21, Jason and I lost our first baby, our son Luke. He was born at 19 weeks and 1 day, and his little body just wasn’t ready for the world. I normally don’t share a lot on fb, but feel so compelled to tell the whole world of my baby boy’s existence. He was real, and whole, and perfect. He looked just like his daddy, and had his mama’s pointy elbows. We had about 22 precious hours with him after he was born sleeping. I want people to know that the intense pain we feel still cannot compare to the profound joy we experienced while growing little Luke inside my belly. He was and is the meaning of my life. He had a presence that I cannot begin to describe, and that I will long for as long as I live. He flickered and fluttered in my belly, and changed my entire being. Luke, mama and daddy love you, sweet boy! Luke lights our way…