Plz tu Halping BunnySlippers

Ohai, peeps!!

Ower deer frend BunnySlippers am in a tuff spot.  Shii am on disability and am needing to get a noo place fur hur and hur twu furry babiez tu lib.  Shii needs muneys to paying a deposit and deh nawt-sekkond monfz rent.

Shii sez:

Mai landlord haz frowed me and teh gal onna oddur sied ob teh wall owt ob teh plase cuz he wants tu maek sum big big repairs (stuff he shudda dun a loooong tiem ago) so he can sell it.

Ai gots noe munnies foar a deposit oar a nawt sekkund munf’s rent tu hold a plase til Ai kin moob.  Teh onliest reezun Ai’s still alibe iz cuz Ai maded teh promise to Taco an Tara dat tehy wud awlwayz haz a home wiffs me. Ai haz a sad cuz Ai haz libbed heer foar obber 15 yeerz, teh longest Ai haz ebbur libbed ennywher in awl mai 62 yeerz. ……  Ai haz a beeg beeg skeered ebbry minnit an Ai keeps “dissociating” frum teh stress an losing track ob fingz an mai mind wont focus oan ennyfing for berry long at awl, so Ai nawt makin any progress wiffs teh packing. ….. I kant breakify teh promise Ai maded to tehm. Ai juss kant. Ai’s gonna get dehydrated frum awl teh teerz.

If u can haz a spare munny or twu, u kin halpsing Bunnyslippers!!!  Please goingz to PayPal,, select “Send Money” from the menu, and enter deh emayo address   broe3 at cox dot NET  (convert dis back to regular computer speek) and select “I’m sending money to family or friends.” If u send deh money frum ur bank account or ur PayPal accownt, dhere am no service fee.  Donations will go directly to BunnySlippers; neither cween nor any wun else will have access to the donated funds. Please be aware that BunnySlippers did not come to us asking for help; this “pass the hat” is being done at the suggestion of a caring peep who expressed concern to us about hur situation and asked if there was some way to help.

If five peeps eech gib 5 munnies, dat am 25 munnies fur hur.  If anuzzer five peeps eech give 10 munnies, dat am 50; five peeps hoo give 25 makes 125; 5 peeps hoo kin spare 50 munnies will donate 250 munnies.  Put dat awl tugezzer and it am 500 munnies!!!  Ebbree liddlol bit halpz!!!


Sad Nooz frum deh House uv Smudgie

Hi. Just a serious note for a second. Owr hoomans mama passed away about 10 days ago an funeral tomorrow. Hooman not normally wun to talk about this but well…just thort menshun it. Mama was 88 and went peacefully in hospital

Stressful time bekos of funeral and also has to engage with collection of nutjobs known as his famblee. We think it is just sinking in.


Lungdoc’s Mom Crosses deh Bridge

*Lolspeak off for a minute*
While we are on the topic of mothers–
A little over five years ago, at a Christmas ’08 family gathering, I mentioned to my Mom (then 85) that I had found an interesting Internet site with funny cat pictures and a collection of people who wrote messages to each other in their own language. I explained that the people lived all over the world but had their own community and seemed to care a lot about each other. Mom wasn’t a computer person, but as a teacher for many years, she knew a lot about people, and after I told her more about the site (ICHC as it was then), she urged me to take part in the community. I had never been one to participate in bulletin-boards and such, but her encouragement pushed me to “de-lurk” and become a Cheezpeep. For the fun I’ve had since then, as for so many other things, I am forever indebted to my mother.

Mom crossed the Bridge this afternoon at age 90, peacefully, after a mercifully brief illness. I’m sure she’s having fun with the kitties, since she won’t be troubled by cat-allergies any longer, nor by any of the other physical aggravations that her nine decades had inflicted.

Thanks, Mom.

Mantari’z Dottir in Horsepistol

prysma says:

November 14, 2013 at 12:08 am

*boops*: 0Ohai, peeps, I hijakks this post an hangs this here.

I hazza message frum mantari: her daughter am inna hospital wif appendicitis. Her mebbe nawts be on much fur unnerstandable reezuns. Only furver info I has is: “What got me was describing the appendix as ‘gangrenous’ –UGH!” Which duznawt sownd happeh tu me. Furvver infos we will has to wait fur.

Can has beems directed her way, plzkthx?

Adn an uppydate: 

mantari says:
November 14, 2013 at 5:38 am
*boops*: 3

*mantari pops hed in*
Ohai, guize, and fankees for awl teh beems! Dotter iz lukking mutch betta! Juss haz tew stay in de hosspittall fur a bit longer for antibiotics, cuz de pleh appendix borked a bitt wen coming owt. No bigg problims.

Erly nite fur me, nao! {{cheezpeeps}}

Msg from MuggleMary

ohai, mai leej,

I just had the energy today to go look at the replies to my announcement of my mumcat’s crossing the bridge: and I am so touched by the expressions of sympathy from my friends from around the world.  I’d love to be able to give every one of them a huge hug and schmoos aplenty. Hoping I can persuade you to let everyone know through the Cryer.

Thank you so much to all my dear friends, i was just able to read your kind notes, and my response is:

Cheezpeeps iz teh best!
hugs, mm

Wendy Haz Fiyr!

EEEP!!!!!  Catsablanca sendinged mii dis:

Ohai, Mai Cween.  Last nait Wendy Zdrodowski hadz a fyre in hur bed!  Wyle shii wuz innit! 

Wendy posted this on Facebook around Midnight:

First of all, Winslet and I are OK.

That said, my apartment caught fire tonight. I woke to the smell of smoke (my hardwired detector in the bedroom never went off), yanked the electrical cords, tried to put it out with water, couldn’t get the fire extinguisher to work, turned off my phone in a panic, banged on slightly-less-asshole-now-neighbor’s door, he called 911 and got the extinguisher working, fire department came and put things out. Minor property damage – mattress and bedslats – and everything reeks of smoke, but we’re OK. Likely cause was something electrical, as there were several cords in the area where it started

Called Jacob Lesgold who came to get us and let us stay the night at his place. I probably have some mild smoke inhalation but I have my inhaler and am drinking lots of water. Texted in that I may not make it to work tomorrow, but may try anyway. Lots of cleanup and buying extra smoke detectors tomorrow.

Expecting total emotional breakdown any time now so if anyone is awake feel free to call/text/message me. It’s going to be a long night

Today she’s posted two ways to help her:

For PayPal, use

Oh, and as the Burfdae Fairy knows, tomorrow is Wendy’s birthday!!

Tengel28z Huzzbin Passes

Sad nooz frum Tengel28

Ohai Mah Cween!

*LOL speak off*  I have very sad news.  Yesterday, at 4am eastern time, I woke up to find my husband had died.   It was sudden and unexpected.  I tried CPR and chest compressions, and when the paramedics got here, they continued for another 45 minutes or so more.  But they couldn’t bring him back. This coming Saturday, he would have been 53 years young.  He didn’t have any major medical issues, and I am deeply sad and in shock.  I am sorry that I haven’t been around much over the last year.  It has been the worst year of my life, and my heart is broken.  Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to befriend me, no matter how long it has been since I have been checking in.
Teresa Engel, aka tengel28