Jeremyz Swiss Cheez Chikkin

Jeremy says:

/lolspeak off

It’s easier to type the recipe when I’m not trying to remember which dialect of lolspeak I use!! :D

Here it is, for you and anyone else who might like to try it, 4.5kittehs:

Preheat the oven to 350F
In a 9″ by 13″ casserole pan, combine the following, in order:

** Chopped-up chicken breasts on the bottom(I usually get the BOGO packs from Albertsons)

** 6 slices of swiss cheese on top of the chicken. If laid end-to-end in a 3×2 pattern, they should cover the entire pan.

** 1 package of Herb-seasoned Pepperidge Farm Stuffing. Sprinkle some of the Stuffing over the top of the cheese so that it covers all the cheese. Not the entire package, but enough that you have a slight layer over all the cheese.

** 2 cans cream of mushroom soup. Mix these together with a little bit of milk to thin out the soup. (not too much milk, or the soup is too thin, as I just found out with my latest attempt)

** Mix the mushroom soup with some melted butter (amount of butter is up to you) and pour mixture evenly over the pan, making sure to cover and soak all of the Stuffing that you just spread out.

** Cover pan with foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Keep in mind, I am in Denver, so I am baking at high altitude. Adjust baking time as desired.

*Last but not least: NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM!!!!

/lolspeak on



Tidmumz Chicken Brestz wif Wine Sawse

Tidmum says:

…an I is maykin chikkin breasts wiv wine and stilton sawse on a bed ov pasketti. Later.When I get arountuit.If i feel lyke it.Maybee….
Got a seryuss case ov teh CBF’s.
…ah heck! Juss have teh wine.That’ll do me.
They can feed demseffs tewnite.

TheLovecat says:

enjoi yur wien! Butt (!) dose chikin brests sownd NOM! Hau yu maeks de sawse??

Tidmum says:

ohai TLc :D
Pleesed to meetcha!!
Sawse is eezee…
..panfry chikkin or pork fillet or steak in a little butter with pepper and crushed garlic.
When cooked,remove from pan and add a large glass of wine.
Bring to boil,reduce slightly,then add some cream or creme fraiche.Then crumble in as much Stilton or other blue cheese as you like.keep stirring til cheese is melted and pour over a bed of spaghetti/tagliatelle or rice,on to which the meat has been placed.

Annipuss’z Christmas Puddin

annipuss says:

Here you are then! Sorry I don’t do cup measurements!
6 ounces of each: – Plain flour, Breadcrumbs, Vegetable Suet, and Dark soft sugar, Stoned raisins, Sultanas and Seedless raisins.
3 ounces each of: – Almonds, Glace cherries, Dates and Dried apricots (all chopped), Apple and carrot (both grated).
2 Eggs, ¾ tsp. Mixed Spice, ½ tsp. each Grated nutmeg and Cinnamon. 1 fl.oz. Brandy and enough Guinness to give a moist mixture.
Put into greased basins and steam for about 6 hours. To serve, steam for further 2 hours.
The puddings will keep for at least a year.
(The longest I’ve kept one is about 4 years – it was still eatable.)
You can use aluminium foil basins, but they must be coated or the acid in the fruit dissolves the aluminium!

This amount makes 16 –20 portions.

(2x 2pint basins + I sample size)

Thanks, anni!!! Just wun problim??? “Stoned raisins???” Waht ar these??? Laik plums??

An – skwez mee! TOO probims! ;) Vegetable suet?? Iz this – doo we need a tranlamayshun? Iz this laik butter, awnlee not???

annipuss says:

Stoned raisins aer Almeria Raisins. Vegetable suet is a hard fat. I has 2 yoose it `coz haff teh famblee aer vejitarian. It iz liek long grane ries 2 lukk at. Tradishunullee it wud be suet (teh hard fat rownd teh kidneez) frum aminuls, an moast peepl still yooz dat.

Oh anni!! Teh google duz nawt know waht Almeria Raisins ar!!! Ai’m nawt shur we hav tehm. Waht doo they luk laik???

annipuss says:

Dey aer big sweet raisins frum blakk grayp dat had seeds in – bowt twies teh siez uv seedless wuns an liter in culler dey cum frum Spain. Sum awlso cum frum Australia (nawt kwiet az gud tho) Aifink u cud yooz jumbo golden raisins.

Q. says:

Anni –
What is Mixed Spice? Whatever it is, it’s in addition to 1/2 tsp. each nutment and cinnamon, right?
While it’s sitting for up to 4 years (!!), do you douse it with more brandy and/or Guinness if it seems to be drying?

I’m already excited about making and then eating this! You’re a hero, Anni. Make that heroine.

annipuss says:

Mixed spice is a mixture of various spices – sold as such here.
It doesn’t need any more liquid added – it’s stored covered. I use plastic basins that have fairly tight fitting lids. You could use vegetable parchment, (baking parchment) and foil tied over the top of a ceramic basin.

Mildred’z Zukee Knee Catzer Roll

Itz reelee eezee.

Obviouslee, yoo can maek it in ene size casserole dish, but bigger iz bedder!! ;) After wunz oar twice, yoo will see hao thik yur layerz shud bee.

Uze ene kind ov zucchini – yellow oar green – eben yello summer squash werks well – oar mix tehm in layerz fur culor.

In teh casserole bowl ~

Layer ov zucchini slyces – 2 oar 3 slyces thik
Layer ov slyced tomatoes
Layer ov chopped unyuns
Layer ov shredded chedddar cheez
Layer ov crushed Ritz crakerz

Repeet fur second layer.

Usualle, there iz room fur awnlee 2 layerz.

Dot top layer ov Ritz ckraker crumbs wif budder.

Baek until dun! Will bee bubblee an top layer brown. Nawt shur fur hao long – dependz awn hao thik yoo maed it! ;) 40 minnits maybee????
at 400 degrees – maybee?? ;)

An maybee pepper an salt to tayste?? But there iz lotz ov salt in teh crakerz.

PootyTatz Summer Tuna Pasta Salad

PootyTat says:

Wayl…I’ve broughted my very special summer tuna pasta salad and burgers fresh from the grill! And I am presenting it in house shoes and boxers! 8O
Happy Father’s Day cheezpeeps!!

Oh – ai must say – ai hav a reel weekness fur summer tuna pasta salad!
*whispurrs* What iz yur sekret? Can yoo share teh resippee? Oar iz it an olde famblee resippee?? ;)

PootyTat says:

It’s a real simple recipe, but tastes great!! Shell pasta, tuna, onion, peas, mustard, and miracle whip salad dressing. My momcat likes to add celery as well, but I can live without it! I don’t have the exact recipe on hand, but it’s basically what I just said and just play with the amounts…it’s great on a warm sunny day!! ummm…Where’s my pics, Janet?!?!? Hehe! :)

PootyTat says:

Oh yeah, and I forgot THE most important ingredient!! Hard-boild eggs chopped up or sliced in slices with yolks…mmmmmmm…* I’m praktikly drooling here!!!!* :P