Lord Blueberry

JD sendinged mii dis sad nooz.  

By teh thyme this gets postified, Lord Blueberry – CEO of Halfastash Enterprises, makers of invisible racing cars for cats – will have crossed the rainbow bridge.
He is crying constantly, in pain and fear, is suffering from dementia and possibly a cancer.
He will shortly be making his final trip to the vets.
He has always been a noble cat, very dignified except when racing, and it is so sad that he is like this now.
The Nite Watchman will soon take over caring for him, where he will be beyond all his troubles, but it would be greatly appreciated if folks could offer him a final salute, his work in this life now over.

Cali Crosses deh Bridge

MamaCat sendinged mii dis….

MamaCat is sad to report that Cali crossed the bridge this morning. Luckily, her beloved Dr. Julie was available, as it became clear over the weekend that it was time. She kept trying to look at me, even under the sedation, and even though she got the last shot, I could still feel her trying to purr, trying to look at me. I leaned over and whispered, “Daddy is waiting for you” and she sighed, and left.
My eyes have been leaking all day. Cali was born April 8, 2010, of the infamous Zebby. One of five born that day in the lily bed, she quickly took her human mamas heart and was soon installed in the house. She leaves behind a grieving MamaCat, her fur sister Mia, her human brothers Nathan and Jeremy, and six human nieces and nephews, who are grieving as well.
She is now in the Meadow with her human daddy, both waiting until MamaCat comes across the bridge to join them.
“Mai hart is borked.”

Help Ukrainian Refugees

Want to help the Ukrainians? Here is an American in Poland who is helping refugees. If you donate, 100% of the money goes straight to her, no middlemen involved, no overhead, she will use all of it to buy supplies.

Click here to donate : https://blog.quiltedtwins.com/checkout/donate?donatePageId=6219bfe953ec255bec8d778c

Click here to read her recent blog post:  Updated to correct blog address. 

Zombie Kitteh

Here am  anuzzer delite from deh Buuk Ob Pomes by Emo Emi. JD sez:  Ann sumfing foar da season(ing):

The Saga ob Zombie Kitteh

Win fyne dai, in da middlol ob lunch,
Kitteh went looking foar brayns to munch
Kitteh did stawp adn sniffed da aire
Wat iz dat you got rite dere?
Brayns will mayk a taystee treat
Affer I nom dat cheez adn meat
Cheezburger now, teh kitteh did cry
Oar yore shoos will surely die
Sew wen yu see cats on Halloween,
Rememmer it’s Cheez wib burger in between