Nite Watchman Chroniklolz

Deh Nite Watchman haz evolved from a few random comments into a fixture of ICHC.  I thank awl deh peepz hoo haz encouraginged mii tu kuntinue riting bowt him.  Hii iz an alter ego uv sortz, uv mai deer sun, Eric, hoo left dis whirrld bai himz own hand 3 dayz after himz 27th birthday in 2001. In the note hii left, hii sed hii kudn’t baer tu seeing anuzzer day.  So now hii walkz deh nite.  I finso hii iz happy now.

Heer b linkz tu deh storyz.

18 thoughts on “Nite Watchman Chroniklolz

  1. oh cween, yoo are so kind to sharing yor deer boi wif us, to gibbing us comfurt in sad times and happeez in happee times. i hope it gibs yoo comfurt too. {{{cweenmj}}} {{{nite watchman}}}

  2. Oh cween, your boi bii most handsome. So sorry for your lose. thank you for the wonderful sharing your most wonderful, stories. Although I have never gotten through one without half a box of tissues, they warm my heart and touch my soul.

  3. how could i have missed this until today???
    eric looks like a very, VERY nice guy/man, and there is no doubt in my mind that our loved ones who have gone to the meadow are having the best of times together with him – i KNOW my bearded collie boy totteis!

    {{{cween mj}}} {{{eric}}}

  4. dese ar mos wunnermus, dough dey awlwais giffs mii teh leeky eeyz.
    ai em soe sorree fur teh los awf yur lubblee sun.

  5. Oh, Cween mj, what a beautifull son Eric was, and is because he will never be forgotten not by you and your loved ones but also us, your readers. Thank you for sharing this picture of him. Elka

  6. ai haz juss startid reedin teh Nite Watchman storees. Yu rite sew byootifloly Cween – ai haz such leeky eyes but awsew such wundermuss pikshurs in mai hed an a calmness in mai hart dat teh Nite Watchman brings. Yoor sons gentlolness is cleer thru yoor words. Fankees.

  7. Oh Cween…we hab onlee jus met an ai am sew impressed wif yew. Ai lub how yew r reeching owt tew teh cheezpeeps oar annywun hew needz tew noe dat dere izza playse ware yew can be lubbed, completely, overwhelmingly, wonderfully loved. Ai am sew sorree fur yore loss, ai can’t eben imajin whut yew hab bin thru.

    God does move in mysterious ways. It led me here when I needed it most. I hope I can be of help to someone else while I am here.

  8. I have only just found this page and I can hardly see the keyboard because of my leeky ize, so it is easier to type in English, not Cheez. I don’t know what to say …. {{{{{cween mj and Eric}}}}}

  9. Teh nite watchman iz gunna haz a buzzee dai aifinkso.

    Ai can haz tenshunz plz? A neerbay aminlol rescue site had teh fyre yestidai.

    Dere are seberal Goggies adn kittehs adn ottur aminlols dat needs beems rite naow. Elebentee goggies adn kittehs krosst teh brij, Adn teh nite watchman at teh sheltur hurted hur handz triing tu sabe teh goggies adn kittehs.

    Ai haz a big sad.

    • Dat am so sad. 😦 Wut a gud lady tu saving deh critterz frum deh fyre! I send deh beemz tu deh aminlolz and deh hyumin halperz. {{[{{WRR}}}}}

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