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Dis wundermuz deskripshun uv deh medow wuz ritted fur us bai JanetCanHas4Kittehs. Dere not b a single wurd I kud add oar take away dat wud making it ennee moar perfect.   — mj

Over by the Hed Splort Recovery Ward, there is an outdoor cafe where yoo can get awl kinds of refreshing beverajes, tastee treets and PARFAITS!

It luks out awn the Princess Mu Meadow. Teh meadow is filled wif flowers and lots ov soft grassy spots. Teh sun is always shining (not too hot), the sky is deep bloo wif floofy whyte clouds, and gentle breezes ar wafting teh flower perfume ebreeware.

An – the meadow is majik. It is here that we come with ar kittehs and other furree frenz that we now carry only in ar harts. We opens up ar harts – they jumps out – an we can frolic an play wif them to ar hart’s content. Wehn we ar all tyred out, they jumps bak in an yoo can go bak to the cafe, enjoy a treet wif yur frenz an bask in the memree ov the happy frolic.

An, of course, you can come heer any time yoo wants to. Ai am verree offen heer.


Princess Mu sez:

heer is the poem and disscussion that started the idea ov the princessmu medow. Kathleen was the furst tew sugest the idea ov a medow. it’s a grate compliment to me that such a lovely plaece has a tiny thred ov me woven into it.

I luvz u but dis can nevr be


The Rainbow Bridge:

This is from

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

This can also b fownd at:

adn a musical version:


On March 23rd, 2009 a fabuluz party wuz hed in deh Medow tu silleebrating Princess Mu’z birfday adn deh blossuming uv deh bulbz dat Gremlin and Mu had planted deh previous fawl.  U kin reeding deh hole fred heer.  Dis b Gremlin’z deskripshun uv deh medow in bloom extracted frum deh commintz:

Ohai, and welkum to owr Party in teh Meddow!

Happy burthday, Princess Mu! Happy spring, cheez-peeps!

Teh flowers is blooming and the burds is singing. Gentil breezes is blowing. Teh sky is a perfekt shayd of bloo. Teh tempachur is just rite – nawt too kold and nawt too hot. Teh meddow is decked owt for spring!

We has bulbs uv every kynd and cullur blooming. Tulips – teh strypey Rembrandt kynd, huge brite red wuns – red dynasty and fire kween – tulip Angelique which lukkings lyke peonies, exotik parrot hed tulips uv awl kullurs, Queen of the Nite which ar shiney blak. And daffodils – yellow wunz, peachy-pink wuns, whyt wuns, sum frilly lyke old-fashund suthern belles in theyr dresses, and sum with menneh sunshiny shayds.

Oh and luk – yoo kin see teh banner that sez Happy Birthday Princess Mu!

Plz to walk arownd and enjoy teh posies! Yoo may notiss ther ar menneh walkways wending theyr way arownd the meddow. Yoo ar welkum to explor. Wun of teh things yoo may notiss rite away is the flowrs is awl non-allergenik! So those hoo myndings teh pollens, teh speshul posies in the meddow will nawt mayking yoo sneeze.

Teh meddow is a verreh speshul playce. Is wher we kin coem to injoy the flowrs and the nyce wethur – is always perfekt wether in the meddow. Yoo kin luk owt enny window in cheez-land and see teh meddow kleerly. And ther is anuther reezun (wun of so menneh) why teh meddow is speshul. . .

We kin bringing owr hart-kittehs and hart-goggies here. I brings mah beeg orinj kitteh-boi Gremlin here awl the tyme and lettings heem owt to play. When we’re dun, bak in mah hart he goes. He is here with meh today – duz yoo see heem over there, playing amid teh flowrs? Yoo kin seeing teh glints of gold as the sunlite tuchings himz furs. He luvvings to watch teh pritteh butterflies. Hiz eyz ar as goldin as himz fur.

The Mu Meddow has itz own speshul gifts. Teh meddow is a peaceable kingdum – awl annymals and peepuls kin be frenz; no annymal tryings to nom or harm anuther. We kin awl haz understanding uv wun anuther’s tawk – even if we tawks awl in owr own languij, awl of us kin understand whut is sed (and is so wit teh annymals as well). Owr wurds is translated majikally on teh ayr.

And awl annymals hoo comings here is restord to full helth and perfekt as when they wuz yung. Never is ennywun sik or sad here. Awl ar yung and helthy and and capering and prantzing at full strength!

We has playced sum piknik tabuls and cumfee chayrs awl arownd teh meddow, with sawft pillos and blankees. Feel free to sit a spell and tawk wit frenz. Uthers is in charj of noms – I will let them tell yoo whut snax ther is for yor joyous nomming.

Also, ther ar menny baskits of snax for teh annymals playced arownd teh meddow. Ther is kitteh snax, both crunchi and gushi fuds, and kitteh treets and toys. Ther is menneh rattly floofy mauses for playing. And goggie fuds and treets and balls for chaysing and uther toys. And treets and toys for every uther kynd of annymal we culd thinking of. For teh liddler wuns, ther ar baskits with sawft blankees just for kurling up in and sleeping when they gitz tired of playing. And of korse ther is lots of sunny spots to playing in or sleeping in.

Plz to enjoy yorself on this happeh sunny day!

Duz yoo has a kold drink and sum snax? If nawt, plz to git sum! Then let me walk yoo rownd a bit and show yoo sum of teh uther parts of teh meddow.

Letz looking at teh near side of teh meddow, which is the moar manicured and civvylized side. This is wher we has most of teh cumfee chayrs and piknik tabuls set up. Ther is a patio overlukking the meddow with fayree lites and evry cullur of Chinese lanterns (awl wit LED lites so no open flaymes or elektricity be needed). Teh lites coems on automagically when darkniss fawls.

Teh walkways is set wit stones and tiles in fancee dezines. And that area over ther in the middlol of the meddow – that is teh butterfly and hummingburd garden. *waves ohai to Ruby teh hummingburd, flitting overhed, hoo is offen mah trusty steed in teh ICHC races*

Teh garden has blak knight butterfly bushes which is a reel deep purplol shayd, and monarda and bloo/purplol echinops and teh red coral bells, wit yellow gaillardia and red cardinal flowr and awl shayds of columbine, wit red storm carpet lilies arownd teh edges. At teh center of it is fancee Echinacea (also gnown as coneflowr) wit nayms like pink delite, sundown, twilite, and dubble dekker. Way at teh bak ar the sunflowers, standing tall, wit theyr brite, beyootifful smioling fayces turnd toward teh sun. And awl arownd, butterflies of evry kullur and size; and hummingbirds buzzing abowt too!

Continuing teh tour . . . Along this side of teh meddow is the Peace Arbor. It be near teh famuss Mothers’ Bench, which wuz naymed in honor of JCH4K’s own dear mom. Teh Peace Arbor is a verreh speshul playce, wit whyt trellises and klimbing roses. The wuns rite ther I kin naym for yoo – Scarlet Knight is teh brite red wunz, and the pinkee wuns (that sum say ar teh kullur of pinkee toe pads – oh kaper! oh prantz!) wit pale yellow is kawled Peace Rose. Ther is a few olive trees here in teh Peace Arbor as well, as an olive branch is a signe of peace.

Those hoo sittings ther has toled us ther is a speshul feline of peace to awl hoo coeming here. Past sorrows is forgotten, and sum even sez that peepuls hoo wuz in disagreemint hoo coemings here feels forgibness and grace pass between them. Ther is a healing, oh yesh, in teh Peace Arbor.

Further along this side way down ther a cupple hunnert feet away, I sees a tynee green haus wit glass walls awl arownd. Rumor sez ther is 2 old whyt-hayred laydees they kawls teh “Posie Grammies” hoo bussles abowt in ther, halping to kayr for awl the green fings that groes in the meddow – but yoo kin onlee katch a glimpse of them if yor lukkee! They duz theyr planting and theyr work in teh meddow onlee when no-wun is abowt to seeing them. Teh Nite Watchman noes them by naym; awl ar frenz here.

Duz yoo hear teh sownd of waters? Way over ther on teh rite a cuppel hunnert yards away is teh Mu Meddow Waterfall. Up abuv it is teh famuss Rainbow Brij that peepuls tawk abowt far and wyde. Teh waters flow fresh frum mowntin springs on teh far mowntins, under teh Brij, over the roks and teh waterfall and down into teh glen, wher it turns into a laffing, burbling brook.

Then it runs into an open area and teh watur feeds teh wetlands. It is whut we kawls teh Am-Fibbian Haven. Awl kynds of salamander and lizard and turtlol and uther water-luvving kreechurs libs ther. And dragonflies flies overhed – ther is sum in evry shayd of bloo and green! In teh spring, it is amayzifying, wit awl manner of kreechurs coeming to teh wetland. At nite yoo kin watch teh migrayshun of the Am-Fibbians.

The waters runs down throo teh wetlands and into teh Wylder Woods below. Nun of us has gone that far to see whut libs in those woods and yoo kinnawt see beyond teh row of treez owt in frunt. Is the wylder part of the Meddow and uncharted territory as of yet.

Nao, let’z go bak to the gests and vizit a whyl, shall we?

*whispurs* I tellz yoo a sekrut. I noes teh nayms of teh Posie Grammies too. Teh Posie Grammies whut livs in teh green haus by teh Mu Meddow is mah verreh own grammies – theyr names ar Lily and Violet. And both of them luvved teh flowrs and teh plants in theyr yard moar than wurds culd say. Wuz from them and frum mah own father (dad is still alive; grammies ar nawt) that I got mah luv of plants and flowrs. I gnu they wuld be verreh gud at halping to tayk kayr of teh growing fings in teh Mu Meddow. So this mornink I brot them here and let them owt of mah hart, to stay in teh Meddow and kayr for its plantz and kreechurs.

*blows kisses to teh 2 ole gray-hayred laydees, wipes eyz kwikly befoar ennywun kin see*

AngelPlume sed: Oh gremlin, ur such a luv! Fanks so mush fur awl ur wurk adn attenshun tu making teh medow so byootimus adn meeningful. Ahm shoor u sho up as a beri brite spot awn Booklions wunnermus map.

Gremlin replied: Yor welkum. Has bin lawts of fun to halp deskribe teh menneh delites of teh Mu Meddow. And aym shor ther ar nooks and crannies (with statchoos and such) that I has nawt even deskribed! Thank yoo for yor kynd remarks.

At mah own haus, I has a liddel meddow – is kawled Gremlin’s Meadow. Is teh inspiration – on a verreh smawl scale – for mah deskripshun of teh Mu Meddow.

Menneh of teh plants I has deskribed in teh meddow (eggscept mebbe teh olive trees and wun or too uthers) I has planted in mah own yard, with varying levels of success. *snikkers, thinking of hao sum of mah efforts has turnd owt* Teh butterfly gardin descripshun is ackshully eggsackly whut I yam planting in mah own yard this verreh spring. (Is ambishus, I noes – plz wish me luk.) Sum of teh rest – is poetik license.

Oh, and if I did nawt say this yet – teh deskripshun of teh Mu Meddow is mah burthday gift to Princess Mu. :-)


U kin seeing deh Nite Watchmanz gift tu Princess Mu here.  U will haz tu skroll down deh paige a bit tu deh March 23rd entry.   It b fine addtion tu deh Medow.


uniquekitty says:

A yeer ago todai, teh wundermuss Max-horse crost teh bridj.

Uniquekitty walks slowlee owt into teh Princess Mu Meadow. It iz sunny an warm, an teh air carries teh scents uv manee kinds uv flowers. UK luuks arownd. Neerby, dere iz a liddlol pond, wif sawt grass along itz shores an green lilypads floating on its surfase. On teh grass by teh pond, dere be manee bebehkittehs playing, chasin flutterbyes an bugs an frogs…an eech otter. It mayks UK sad to see liddlol bebehkittehs heer, but dey be sayf an happy heer. An dere iz wun bigger kitty, a floofy bloopoynt Himalayan wif beautimuss lite-bloo eyes. It iz UK’s hartkitty Stormy, hoo crost teh bridj 3 munfs befour Max. She smyles to see him heer wif teh bebehkittehs; her Stormy had alwais lubbed teh bebehs. Stormy sees her, an comes to her, weaving arownd her feets til she pikks him up an cuddlols him. He kloses hiz prittee bloo eyees in happyniss and purrs lowdly. She holds him titely fur a few moments, stroking hiz long soft floof, den sets him down. He goez bakk to playing wif the bebhkittehs. On a neerby bench, a longhayr tuxie polydaktyl iz sownd asleep on her bakk in teh warm sun. UK pikks her up an hugs her – it iz Stormy’s best fren, an UK’s otter hartkitty, Chica. Chica yawns an purrs an mayks biskits on Uk’s arm. UK luuks arownd while she holds Chica. Dere be so manee kittehs heer, playing an sleepin an enjoyin dis wundermuss playce. An ober to teh rite, dere iz a larj group uf goggies, barkin an runnin an playin. In teh middlol uf teh goggies iz a boi, hoo luuks to be abowt teh saym aje az UK’s 14-yeer-old boi, Plasticat. He haz sum balls an frisbees he iz frowin fur teh goggies. He laffs az teh goggies run after teh tois, den dey run awai wif dem, an he haz to chayse teh goggies to get teh tois bakk. He sees UK an gives a liddlol wave, den frows anudder ball. UK rekognizes wun goggie in teh group. It iz her Miniature Schnauzer, Cody. She wissels, an he leeves teh group to come to her. Hiz stubby tayl wags wildly, reminding her uf teh reezon hiz registered nayme iz Perpetual Motion – that endlessly wagging tayl! She sets Chica down and hugs Cody, an he washes her fayce wif hiz tongue. Chica rubs against Cody, purring. UK gibs Chica wun last hedskritch, and Cody wun more pat, an she stands up. Farther down teh meadow, she haz seen 2 horses standing together neer a small grove uf froot trees. Dey be teh saym kolor, beautimuss bays wif lawng black tayls, but she kan tell dem apart instantly. On teh rite iz Chip, Ma’x trailriding/horseshowing buddy. He iz a Standardbred racehorse, tall an lean an longlegged. Teh wun on the left iz Max, teh stcky muskular Quarter Horse. Standing nekst to Chip, rubbing teh horse’s nek, iz a yung man in jeens. Nekst to Max, brushing saddle marks frum hiz bakk, iz a lady in riding klothes. Neerby iz a beautimuss black western saddle an bridle an blankit. UK watches fur a moment az teh man reeches into hiz pokkit an brings owt treets, wich he feeds to teh horses. He pats boff horses, den bends down to pikk up a liddlol blakk kitteh, hoo he sets on hiz shoulder. He speeks to teh lady again, den turns an walks awai. Seberal kittehs wind arownd hiz feets az he walks. UK tries to kall “Max”, but her voyce izn’t werkin. She kleers her throat, an tries agin. “MAX!!” Max’s hed comes up, an turns, an hiz eers prick forward. The lady turns also, den she steps awai frum Max, an puts an arm arownd Chip’s nekk. Max whinnies happily an gallops to UK, slidin to a stawp in frunt uf her. He lowers hiz hed an pushes it against her chest, an she hugs him titely fur a lawng minnits. She reeches into her pokkitan pulls owt 2 pnut budder kups. Max tayks dem frum her hand jently, wun at a tyme. Uk puts her arms arownd hiz nekk, remembering 25 yeers uf her lyfe wif dis wunnermuss horse. Finally she lets go an steps bakk, gibbing Max wun last pat on the nekk. He turns an trots bakk to Chip an teh lady. Az UK turns to leeve teh meedow, she notisses teh boi iz naow sittin on the grass, pettin a floofy kaliko curled up on hiz lap. The goggies are lying arownd him in happeh eggshaustshun. The boi smyles contentedly at UK az she walks by him. UK, wif leeky eyes, leeves teh meedow, an her hart iz full uf happeh sadniss.


Iz nawt a writer liek teh cween, butt here’s a storee I’d liek to share.

The girl that takes care of may rabbits when I’m away told me about how Maxy became friends with their tomcat while I was in PA for three months and Maxy and Moritz were in their garden. Her story has been spinning in my mind, and has been mingling with Nennepus’ words “she’ll be Jolly Jumper in the Meadow”. I also could never forget about prysma-kitteh’s foster kittehs that were sent over the bridge so prematurely in October 2009. This lol just kept popping up in my head. I hadn’t known about euthanasia in shelters before and find it deeply upsetting. So this is a story about Maxy in the Meadow (She crossed the bridge on Wednesday early morning, here’s the original post). And I say “Thank you very very much” to all the people who were so supportive. It really helps.

Teh bunneh corner awf teh Meadow is at teh far end awf teh Princess Mu Meadow, separayted by thick bushes and shrubbery. But ifn u manaj to get thru that there b lots awf grass and dandelion and ribwort foar teh bunnehs to nom on. Teh green is partly shaded by applol trees, with applols lying awn teh grownd, and the sun is shining thru teh trees, leaving beautimous patterns awf sunrays awn teh grownd. In a littlol corner, sumwun has thotfully maded a bed awf carrots and other nommy veggies. Mennee menne rabbits b frolicking in teh green and nomming teh grass and teh dandelion and awl teh other nommy greens, and sum are nibbloling awn teh applols in teh grass.

Underneeth teh grass, there b a hyooge tunnel system, made by teh rabbits to hide in. Nawt that there b ennee reeson to hide, but sum awf them jest liek teh cool shady dens.
Over there in the sun b a beautimous berry dark brown -awlmost black- berry small girl rabbit, sitting up and watching sum flutterbys. This b mah hart bunneh Zorry, who crossed teh bridge mennee menne yeers ago. A fierce girl her was. And running thru teh grass liek crazy, doing teh “jump3ft-spin-180degrees-land-gracefully” is a grey wiff white girl rabbit, a hart rabbit awf my mom and me, awlso gone foar a long time. She inspired teh happy hoppy dans, togevver wiff Moritz, who is still awn my side awf teh bridge.

Since Wednesday, there b a gnu bunneh in teh Meadow. Because awf teh rainbow-coloured cloth she was given, she could easily find her way: she knew what kind awf bridge to b looking for. Nao Maxy has found her last furebber home. She b cullered liek a wild bunneh, and behaving jest liek that. At furst, she wud nomnomnom lots and lots of teh wunnermous green grass and dandelion and ribwort that she has been missing so badly during the endless cold winter. Although she b missing Moritz who wus awlways liklikliking her eers, she has made mennee gnu frends and enjoyed bein ablol to runrunrun and hop and jump agin, even wiffout ennee fence oar cage to stop her.

But she wud nawt b Maxy if she was content to b where she is supposed to b. So today, she starts sneaking thru teh bushes, digdigdigging her way out, biting away ennee branches in her way and jumpjumpjumping over those that are too big for her to nom. Or just for teh fun awf it. How long since she last jumped so well? She cannot remember, but she so much enjoys the strenght and health body she has here.

And finallee she has made her way out awf teh shrubbery. Maxy sees teh hyooge Princess Mu Meadow in all its beauty, with oh so many flowers and flutterbys fluttering arownd. And kittehs! There b kittehs awl obur teh place! Playing and purring and chasing each other thru teh sunshine. Small wuns and big wuns and long hared and short hared and awf ennee colour that cud ebbur b imajined. Menne awf them b a lawt bigger than Maxy, and she carefully hides in teh bushes at furst. But then, nawt far frum her, she sees two very small kittehs dozing in teh morning sun. Curious as awlways, Maxy makes her way towards teh kittehs. Her ears pointing forward, the head streched out, sniffing awl teh time -jest like bunnehs explore gnu worlds. Wun awf teh kittehs opuns her eyes and sees sum berry funneh looking critter cuming. She stands up tilts her hed in curiosity. “Ohai”, she says, extending a fluffy paw, “who u is?”

Maxy carefully approaches teh paw, sniffing Stella and reelizing teh similolaritee. “Teh tomcat frum neggst door”, she thinks, “he was a nice guy. Would awlways cum by and visit us. I lieked lying bak-to-bak wiff him, nebburmind teh wire mesh in between…”

Stella cums closer, sniffing Maxy. She has nebbur seen a bunneh before, but this wun seems nice. And nawt running away, which, fur sum reeson, appears a littlol strange to Stella. “Shudn’t there b sumfing difrunt?”, she thinks. But she furgets awl abowt that and gently pats Maxy awn teh nose. Maxy jumps in surprise, waking Gambit. He gets up and walks away a fyoo steps, but cums bak wiff curiosity whut his sister is doin. Bella has backed away a littlol, but advances agin soon. Maxy wud nawt let go. She loves making frends, and now that there are no barriers to keep her, she b determined to seize teh opportunity.

After teh first commoonicashun prollums have been settloled, teh three awf them kin b seen running and hopping happily thru the Meadow.
As the sun rises to noon, Maxy b getting berry tired. “Iz sorree”, she sais, panting hevily, “I no kin tololurate teh heets as u guys do. I needs to go bak to my part awf teh Meadow, where there is shade and places undergrownd to hide frum teh midday sun.” “Oh”, sais Gambit, “I dusn’t want u to leeve. Uz cumin bak to play wiff us agin? Pweese?”

“Awf course”, she sais. “Uz mah frend nao!”

Bella liklikliks Maxy’s ears for a byebye-schmoo. And as Maxy hopsawaywiffakwikness, she flashes her white littlol tayl in a last salute for today. She is happy now, awl her needs are being met: those awf a normul bunneh are met in teh bunneh corner awf teh Meadow; and teh Princess Mu Meadow meets teh speshul ones awf teh adventurous spirit that has and always will make her stand out among her kin.


Mai Queen, I hope you does not mind, but I have tolded a story about a different part of Princess Mu meadow, that I thinked needed to be tolded to. It is my favorite part of the meadow, so I finked I needed to tells about it. Here is mai story, but not in lol speak, can’t lol speak dat muchies!
Mama Cat

I must tell you about yet another part of the Princess Mu meadows, a part where cheezepeeps don’t go very often.

Down at the far, far, far end of the Meadow, there is a large section of very wild forest. The trees are big, and it is dark and shady underneath. If you find a very narrow little path, that wanders in and out, all around the trees and gooseberry bushes, you will finally come to a small meadow.

In the wooded part of your journey, you will see big oaks, broad maples, and tall Hickories. You will also see elderberry bushes, and gooseberry bushes, black raspberry bushes and dogwood shrubs. In the meadow you will see big and little blue stem, clover, compass plant, and sunflowers. Asters and nettles are off in the corners, while bedtick pops up here and there too.

In the wooded part are little dirt mounds, about three foot high, with little paths leading up to them, and in the hole at the end of the path, if you bend down and look, are little eyes, looking up at you! Very startling. But when you look up, you notice there are eyes looking down at you, too! Even more startling!

In the meadow, if you set very, very quietly, you will soon see little and big shapes moving around. Here are the deer that have been loved by someone, who fed them or cared for them. Pet raccoons, wild rabbits that had been cared for, even some squirrels and chipmunks, groundhogs and ferrets.  Down in the far corner is a lake, and there be many swans, geese, ducks and other otters there, playing and splashing with each other. In the lake is a very large goldfish, whose name is Pi, who lived to be six years old! And was very loved by her family. She helps care for the pet fish, turtles, crabs, and other water animals when they first come to this part of the Meadow.

One of the raccoons is named Rascal, and he loves when Mama Cat comes to visit, for he climbs on her shoulder like he used to do, and they walk and walk, with him sitting up, hanging on to Mama Cats ear, just like he used to do when Mama Cat was such  a little girl.

The deer come out, very shy, but one little fawn comes right to Mama Cat, she knows Mama Cat and her family tried everything they could to keep her alive when her mama died, but it just wasn’t enough, and she remembers Mama Cat crying when they buried that little tired body. She is happy with her new Meadow body, and Mama Cat always has some apples in her pocket to be nuzzled out.

Chippers the Chipmunk is given a carrot, and even the little turtle with no name has a piece of lettuce in that ever deep pocket.

The silly little possum that Mama Cat named Tiny comes tottering out, looking for his handful of cat food, he never did grow, but here, it’s okay. He grins when people come to visit, and some people are put off by all his sharp pointy teeth, but he has never bit anyone, he just likes to smile!

When Mama Cat comes to visit, Sasha (her Siamese daughter), Charlie, (a BC that was not bad), and Missy, (her tiger stripes gleaming), all come to visit too, especially Pi, since they all knew Pi the best.

There are fallen tree trunks here and there, so peeps can sit and talk to their wild friends, and apple trees and berry bushes to everyone’s heart content. It is a place with lots of birds, too, including the little humming bird that just couldn’t quite make it one summer, that Mama Cats kittehs brought to her, to try and make better. He likes to perch on Mama Cats head, pulling hair now and again. The chickadees, robins, finches, and other birds Mama has fed all these years, they gather around for the seed that comes from that same deep pocket.

When it is time to go, it is getting dark, and the bats Mama provided homes and water for fly overhead as she makes her way back through the woods.

Life is okay, and it is nice to be able to visit old friends in the Wild part of the meadow.



Diz b frum deh dear MamaCat:

There is a place in Princess Mu meadows that moms and dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, all know very well…..


MamaCat walks through Cheezeland, down JCH4K avenue, past the JCH4K fountain, up the street towards the Princess Mu meadows. She passes the night watchmen making his rounds, and they nod at each other, this is a trip taken often…..


There is a small cottage, much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, and in it live all kinds of grandma’s and grandpa’s, all those waiting for someone before they cross the bridge. There are rocking chairs and cribs all over the place, and a stone fence all around, just knee high, just high enough to keep little ones from going too far. There are also little baskets, just the right size for little fur babies. At the gate is a small sign that says “The Grandpa and Grandma Cottage”…..


MamaCat reaches the meadow, and stops for a few minutes to play with Jill, Wilbur, Dakota and Tiger, then heads towards the bridge part of the meadow….


Close by the bridge, the cottage is there for one reason only- so that the grandpa’s and grandma’s who are waiting to cross that bridge can help those too little to cross on their own…..


MamaCat reaches a gate and swings it open, shutting and fastening it firmly behind her. She heads for the cottage, nodding and smiling at all who are outside, rocking and walking in the moonlight, little bundles in their arms and on their shoulders….


There are benches and rocking chairs outside too, and little paths so that older tired feet can carry little ones with no chance of tripping. Baby kittens of all colors are also here, being petted and fussed over, treated as the babies they are….


MamaCat enters the cottage, heading for one crib. Next to it is a rocking chair with a kind warm grandma sitting rocking a small bundle. She looks up at MamaCat and smiles. Standing, she hands the bundle to MamaCat and helps her to sit in the rocking chair. MamaCat rocks slowly, and two little dark eyes look up at her and a small smile crosses the little face tucked in the blankets. MamaCat tells little Jacob all about his mama and daddy, and about his big sister Abby. And while she talks, a tear falls now and then on the blue blanket covering little Jacob….


The Grandma’s and Grandpa’s here know all the moms and dads, grandpa’s and grandma’s, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters that come to visit, and which little bundle or which little ball of fur, belongs to whom. They are all loved and held and snuggled and snorgled, kept safe and warm and fed, till their person comes to take them across the bridge…..


MamaCat had finished feeding little Jacob, and she holds him to her shoulder tightly while she pats his back, telling him again of all who love him. She stands and tenderly places him into his crib, and he looks up at her and smiles one last time before closing his eyes in peaceful sleep. MamaCat turns and there is a grandma, ready to fold her into her arms and hold her while she weeps…..


The Grandma’s and Grandpa’s are also there for those who come to visit, for the visiting is hard, and there are many tears on all sides. But the Grandpa and Grandma Cottage is magical, so that all the tears that fall while there are used to grow the most beautiful flowers all around the wall, and all around the cottage; bright colors and safe to eat leaves are all over, grown from those tears shed in love……


MamaCat is comforted, and she holds and loves some of the little kittens at the cottage, too small to even have names given to them before the came to the meadow, but loved just the same. She slowly heads home, once again passing the night watchman, who nods with understanding as she passes…..


The grandpa’s and grandma’s here come and go, some are only there for an hour or two while they gather up their strength to head over the bridge, while others have those they are waiting for and stay at the cottage sometimes for years, but all are full of love, and courage, and hope and peace, all the things little babies, of any kind, need to be cared for.


When you lost a little one, don’t forget to visit the Grandpa and Grandma cottage, it’s bigger on the inside than it looks, and there is always love and peace served there.

37 thoughts on “Princess Mu Medow

  1. Teh Mu meadow has a speshul plaas in mai hart, nawt teh leest reezun 4 whitch iz awl teh statchooz ub teh cheezfrenz tehre (teh S.S.C.S., teh Sekrit Sosietee ub Cheezfrenz Siblingz)

  2. Ai hadda run in adn out uv PrincessMu’s parti dis mornin cauz uv pleh work. Butt ai went and readed alla da comments and descriptions uv da parti and meadow. Eberywun bringed der heart petz and had such a luberly tiem. Ai had to use mene tissues frum da leaky eyes, but it wuz gud to release da tears. Dis da bestest place and ai can see in my “mind’s eye” just zactly how it luks – beautimus. Da Night Watchman takes such gud care uv alla petz, ai not worry bout da petz be lonely.

  3. *whispers* Ohai – ai mist teh partee.
    Sownz liek such a beeyoooteefol plaice. Happi Birfday, Princess Mu! Mai hart kittehs cum owt to gib yew hed bonks fur teh day ob teh birf. See?
    *Wheresa Kitty n Prudence peek owt, jump down tew BonK teh Princess Mu, n den dey jumpz bak in mi hart*
    okthanxbai! Niet niet eberywun.

  4. Mai favrit kitteh, Beelze-Cat, went s’eepy in mai armz lazt Caturday. Hims wuz sik. So sik. Hims berried in garden wif rice pudding an also creme wich he lubd lotz. Ai stil criz ebry nite. Mizz hims so. Mai hed hurtz. Mai heart hurtz. Ai can’t sleeps Ai wantz my B bak.

    • {{{Goblinmama}}} ai sew sarry fur yer loss. Kittehs still wif us. Deh miss us tew, yew noes. if you are reel kwiyet, at niet, wen yew in teh bed to sleepie tiem, ai betcho will feel yer bebbeb jump up awnna bed wif yew. Bery sawflee. Anjil kittehs be bery bery liet. Ai fink itz teh wings. {{Goblinmamma}}

  5. Sunday nte, Ai cri an cri… herd softly purrrr frum B’s favrit sleepy spot. Reach owt, nokitteh der, pull bak han an den more purrrr — berry berry soffly — start again. Mus be mai B-boy, mai bebbeh…Mebbe he forgiv me…

    • {{{{Goblinmama}}}} {{{{Beelze-Cat}}}}<– these are hugs

      Yor behbeh noes yoo luvvinged heem enuff to mayk teh tuffest decishun in teh whirld. Wun kinnawt bayr to see wunz belubbed kitteh suffer. I noes whut kynd of payn yoo ar in, and I sends yoo healing thots on beams of warm, whyt lite. Wun day will be onlee happeh memries, not sads. Until then, here, let me gib yoo this flowr frum teh Peace Arbor in teh meddow to giv yoo peace and cumfort:


      Nao, I sits wit yoo a whyl and holds yor paw till yor hart feels beddur, OK? Yoo will meet yor sweet behbeh agin wun day, I noes it with certainty in mah hart. Oh yesh, we will awl meet owr lubbed wunz at teh Brij. And that will be a beyootiful day!

  6. Ah, Gremlin, Ai reeds ur letr ober an ober… reed discrip… deskrip…uv how luks teh Mu Meddo too…
    Ai smelz flowr u send..stink pritty!

    Wen Ai cros Brij, will Ai b abl to run an pla 2?

    • Yesh, of korse, Goblinmama! On that day, we will awl run an plai lyke when we wuz kitns! 🙂 Of korse mah deskripshun of teh Mu Medow is teh parts of teh meddow I has seen. Ther ar menneh nooks and krannies in teh Mu Medow; nawt awl of itz sekrut playces has been mapped by hoomankynd. But I duz teh best I kin to show yoo whut *I* sees at teh Medow. – Cheezlub from Gremlin

  7. Thawt my B boy wuz mad at me, but now his bruvver Max iz doing tings he neber did, dat onlee my B boy did – s’eeping under cuvers wif me, eating carbs, drinking milk frum my glass, stuff like dat. An’ Max will suddenly sit up an’ stare at doorway. He run off, den come back an’ do a B Boy thing. Maybee my B Boy, my beloved BeelZe-Cat – he forgib me. Ai still so sad. Ai still wish for B to cum bak to me, but Ai know he mus’ be habbing good time over rainbow bridge.

  8. I didn’t know there was such a place as Mu Meadow. I’ve never seen it in comments. But this description made my eyes leak. I’ve lost more than my fair share. I guess everyone feels that way. But I like to imagine all of us in the meadow together, even if it is just in cheezland. I like the way you put it: the people who now live only in our hearts can come out play with us, for a while. I had no idea cheezland was such a great place.

    • Ohai, KaiEm – ai nawt shur ifn wii has teh meetings bifoar?? If wii has, pls tu foargibbing mai foargetfuls. An if nawt, ai beri happee to meet yu! *ekstends hur liddol floofee paw in frendsheeps*

      Ai sawree tu heering dat yu has haddid ur lossis, tu, an speshlee wen yu dint noes yu cud cumin heer wif ur greefs an mebbeh finding sum cumfurts amung us. Cheezland bees teh beri majikol an speshul plaes – ful ob lubs an frendsheeps an lafftur an empaffee an cumfurt. Ai fynd it beri humbling an ekzilurayting (ifn dts nawt tu odd a combinayshun) wen ai meremburs dat dis byootiful, inkredibul, imajinerree-yet-reel plaes bees teh gift tu eech uvver frum reelee-troolee-akshool peepuls libbing (moastlee) in teh reel whirrld — peepuls hu bilds an reebilds dis plaes ebree dae.

      Sew, ai bees glad dat yu cumin tu joyning us heer. Ai has fownd mennee treshurs an richis in dis lubblee plaes, an ai hoeps dat yu wil tu. An ennee tiem yu wud liek tu shaering sumfing wif us, tryumf oar trajidee, yu wil fynd peepuls lissning wif opin harts.

  9. Ai haznt bin arwond mch in cheezlan recintly, butt sum ob u kno my beebee Gemmi crosseded teh bridj on Wed 3/10/10. Ai b mizzing her, butt seh is habing teh fun nao wif her sistre Vergie adn wif Jack and Toby (sum goggie frens ober der). :*)

  10. yeah — wut she sed: {{{karen}}}. Teh meadow izza veree spechul plais. It gibbd me grait kumfert wen mai Wheresa Kitty passed ober teh brij. Moar tahn uhthur plaisiz fur greeveeng hoominz awnlien n in purrsin. Hope yoo kan has kumfert inna meadow, too.

    wkm n Maya

  11. (((((( Karen ))))) Mai hart aches for yew… Ai still mourn my B Boy – Beelze-Cat – who crossed the Rainbow Bridge while Ai held himz in mai armz almost wun year ago. He berry happy naow, tho. Not hurtz ene more.

    Ai had dreemz ub himz dis weekend.. he wuz playing wif two pretty kittehs he said he laiked a lot… still not too sure about goggies, tho.

    Ai tinks da kittehs wuz yor Gemmi an your Vergie.

    B tellz me dat Gemmi misez…missis…. uhhh…missez yew, but shez so happy to see her Vergie an her goggie frends…an’ she will see yew some time long time frum naow.

  12. Ai haz teh beri leekingz aiz frum reeding abowt teh Meadow. A hewg fank Q tu awl teh cheezfriendz taht creyatid dis plaes. It gibs a byg comfurt tu ebreewun hoo haz teh loss – adn moas ebreewun haz. Jus lass week ai halpd mai Britty-kitty on hur jurnee tew teh Rainbow Bridge aftur hur sebin munz siknez wif cansur. She wuz soh sik bai then. Britty daid in mai armz. Hur hed drawpd rite in teh pawm ob mai hand wen she wehnt. Ai haz ben so ful of sadnez eber synse. Reeding abowt teh Meadow haz bin gud for mai hart. Halpz mi tu imagin Britty awl free ov teh ebil siknez adn healfee, skampurrin abowt teh Meadow chaysin butturflyes wif teh bryte ais adn sleeknezz. Hur wuz a kitteh full ov ahsum. Hur absolootlee wuz.

  13. ah, adrienneq! Not too wurreez…My B-Boy tol’ me he seed da most awsum pritty kitty… said hur nam Britty… said she happy an play an snuggle wif him.
    He went ober Rainbow Bridge a year ago – it still be hard 4 ME betimes speshully cuz my mom went ober da Rainbow Bridge 2 yerz ago next weekend. But she waited pashuntly for my B-Boy, an now she sit in sun awl day an watch B-Boy an dey snuggles too.
    Britty-Kitty waitz 4 yoo, 2, but sez not to comez 2 soon – dat yoo gots much 2 do furst

    • Ohai Gail Ann. Fanku fur shayrin wut B-Boy towld yu bout mai Britty. Iz nies tu noh taht shee haz lawtz ob nu frendz liek yur speshil B-Boy.
      Wen ai uhrijinolee red abowt teh Mu Medow, ai alsoe red yur poastz frum las yeer. Mai hart brok fur yu. Ai cud feal yur payn froo yur wurdz. Ai ken sens nao taht yu hab had sum heeleng. Taht iz gud. Ai noh taht ai wil haz teh heeleng too – wif tiem ai wil feal bettur adn wil awlais hab Britty Cat en mai hart.

  14. ai fink ai juss spent teh last ten minutes readin that wid tears runnin down mai face. many cheezepeeps will kno ai recently had tew re-home mai cat Chizel…nawt mai choice. But it brought back memories of mai other three kittehs, Tigger, Scooby and Jason. Tigger was a mix…nawt sure what of. Scooby was a tabby, and Jason was abig ball of black fluff. Jason, teh eldest, ai lost when ai was verry young, he had been run over. Ai was gutted. Tigger and Scooby both went out wun day and never came back.

    It awlso brought back memories of a berry, berry special goggie. Her name was Amber, she was an Alsatian. Hoomin years, she was the same age as me. One day when i was about 3, my parents couldnt find me. Hours and hours they searched, and finaly, they looked in the dogs bed. Ai was curled up asleeps, wid Amber watchin over me. She lived tew be 12 years old.

    It maykes me happy tew know they is awl in the meadow together, along with mai brothers rabbit, Andre, and dat they play togever and are happy. Fankies for writing the bootimus descriptions.

  15. I’m guessing there are quite a large number of hamsters in the Princess Mu Meadow. I have had many myself that crossed over after a long and fuzzy life. I’m thinking they help dig burrows and tunnels, and hoard many wonderful tasty treats in little dens here and there, so that if a rabbit or hamster or ferret or rat or mouse or gerbil or guinea pig or chinchilla (please let me know if I’ve forgotten any) has the munchies but doesn’t feel like leaving the cool shade of the tunnels and burrows, there is always a snack ready and waiting for them! There are a hundred different dens and caches, since hamsters are very persnickity about what goes where, and they very much enjoy their food and nest material being conveniently located. They have den after den filled with foods such as millet, barley, oats, wheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, corn kernels, graham, rye and einkorn, perhaps a sticky lump of honeycomb here and there, timothy hay, alfalfa, bluegrass, oak twigs, raisins, grapes, fern fiddleheads, corms, tubers, and the crumbs of people snacks dropped elsewhere in the meadow. In other dens, there is soft nesting material: shed bunny kitty doggie hammie chinny and people fur, pussy willow, cattail flowers, dandelion fluff, grass, leaves, cotton, wool, and the lint that falls off our clothes when we tumble around in the grass. There are also dens for guests such as kitties, doggies, raccoons, hummingbirds, finches, parrots, budgies, lovebirds, hoomins, and any other friend who comes to visit and doesn’t want to leave just yet. The guest dens are full of snuggly blankets and delicious noms, and are always ready, because the hamsters are experts at planning ahead! 🙂

  16. Over the years I’ve sent many gentle little spirits to Princess Mu Meadow before I even KNEW what or where it was.
    THANK YOU, after reading this my eyes leaked too, it will be a glorius day when I come there to stay & play forever, ALL the purring & rubbing & joy & pets, & ear rubs & MANY meows from the Keows!!!!, LOL
    I’ll have to make sure there’s a few catnip seeds in my pocket to start a nice catnip bed if there isn’t one already there!

  17. A Biker Too,

    It has bin ober 2 years since Ai sent mai”B” (short for Beelze-Cat, Spawn of the Devil, Child of Satan, the Evil One) over the Rainbow Bridge, but Ai still morn… murn…. miss hims.
    He still comes to me … Ai can feel hims “making dough” next to me… Teh rule iz not to try to touch hims because hims will go away, so Ai just lie tehre, an’ listen to him purring very, very gently an’ faintly.
    It is grate cumfurt to me.

    • My Moonzie (Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens) was a genuine character, in my old apartment the toilet faced the back part of the bathtub at a 90 degree angle, Moonzie would lay on the seat in the tub (I wasn’t able to safely sit in the tub & get out of it easily) when I was sitting on the toilet, look at me, roll on his side OR back, wiggle around, CHIRP at me & purr loudly, how could I NOT reach out and pet him as he kept wiggling & chirping at me.
      I raised him as a small kitten & would pet him as he’d lay on the couch next to me until the purring got softer & softer until he slept, he discovered how much fun the “fetch” game was, leaping off the couch at a full run to catch that squashed paper ball & then bring it back proudly to be thrown again & again.
      He had his “Tuxedo” on & was very stylish, one day I’ll be there to reunite with ALL my buddies wif geraet jawoy & purz & bawrkx & leaky eyz at furs but happee alla time now wif liddul famblee ob Keows & Goggies

  18. Caem heer tu reed abowt de medow. Iz so booteeful dere. Ai sau mai wonnerful liddol Smudgie Mamma kitteh wat krossed de bridj sevral yeers agow. Her had gayned her wate bak (awl de wae bak up tu ayt pownds!) adn seh waz chaysin a liddol leezard adn laffin. Wen seh saw mii, seh commed ober adn sed PET ME (lyke always). Wii cud nebber wawk passed owr dinnin rum tablol wiffout wii stawp adn pay homage tuu de Smudge….seh awlwaes demanded tu be petted RITE NAO. Her wazza love spunge butt(!) her gibbed it awl bakk adn moar. Wen ai furst seed her inna pownd ai fot her waz funney lukking. Her wazza tortie kitteh wiffa lite ornjj stripe daun her noze wat dividid her fayce in haff. Butt hubbicat taked hur owt ob de kage adn her meltid awn himz showlder adn dat waz awl seh rote. Ai miss hur ebbre day, butt ai am sew gladd her is happeh inna Princess Mu Meadow.

  19. Mai sisterz bebe kitteh, Willow, passed ober da Rainbow Bridge on Thurdays. She had much tummy trubbles. Went to vet ober ‘n’ ober, but keep gettin’ sick. Poor Chrissy took her in Thursday wif her bestest friend, Judy, to support her. Willow went s’eepies in Chrissy’s arms at da vet. She cry so much. Ai cannot help, but Ai cry, too.
    So, Ai know she iz wif my B Boy an my Mom, who sits an watch dem play all ober. An’ Willow’s tummy duzn’t hurt enemore.
    Wish Ai could tell her how much her Mommy misses her, an’ my Max Cat misses her and calls for her to play wif him. Ai tells him his Willow cuzzin wait for him at Rainbow Bridge when it HIS time to cross, and den dey playz and playz and playz foreber.

  20. Wow, I finally found the place where my Mom, Dad and brothers and sisters are. If I look I can see Elsa, Peppy, Silky, Stripay, Dusty and the original Spot and Star. Oh, look there is Natchez, Mingo and Shep too, how happy they are. I am so glad that I know where they are, I always knew where they were but, now I can see it in my heart.

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