For Kafleen from MelONyx

Lol Songz \ Birfday Songz

A Poem for Kafleen teh Donkey
by MelONyx 6/25/2008

I c de kittehs streemin bai
Dansin pauzees adn taylz held hai
Awl wit glowin sparklee iiiz

War u gowin? I askez dem,
War u go, dansin down Qwerty Row,
Awl u wunnerful cheezfrenz?

Hazzunt u herd?
Duzzent u noes?
Kafleen! Kafleen haz birtdai!

Bannurz r streemin –
Blow dem hornz!
Tudai is de dai
Ower Kafleen wuz born!


See this poem at ICHC

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