Cheezstock Litterbox Set

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock
Disc One | Disc Two | Disc Three

On August 31nd, 2009, teh Cheezpeeps and sordid frenz and guests got together to shake their collective fist at Stoopy Pleh Real Life Syndrome at Cheezstock, billed as “3 Lols of Cheez and Mud.”  Many funs were had, many fuds were eated and drinks drinked, and many many many songs were sunged. Here are as many of them as we could pry out of teh mud.

Disc One

Cheezstock Lol 1

Click teh pic to go to teh event

Disc Two

Click teh pic to go to teh event

Disc Three

Cheezstock Lol 3

Click teh pic to go to teh event

12 thoughts on “Cheezstock Litterbox Set

  1. Ai am STONED!!!

    Ai meen – STUNNED!! 😉

    LCB!! {{{{{{lCB}}}} Yoo hav surpassed awl eggspektashuns heer!

    Heer ar elebenttee munnies taims elebentee fur mai set!! An can yoo Otter Graf it fur mee pleeze???

    *danses wif joi* Tra la la la la . . . neber did ai dreem we wud hav sumthing laik this!!

  2. LCB,

    ohai – dis bee inkredble kollexshun yu haz maid furr da cheezpeeps. 😀

    ai LUBS da bideoo yu putted wif mai sawng. berri kool, grooby & farr owt !

    Peas owt ebbriwun! Williboi

  3. *lites zippo*
    Dis teh most fantastikal ebent EBBER! Teh sawngs wer awl full ov win an awesum. An teh videeohs wif dem wer purrfekshun. Ai hav tu adds speshul kudowz tu Meezer Mom an Kerri-luv-wif-yoo fer recording teh lyriks. LCB, dis ar a wurk ov teh ages. Ai wud pai munnies fer dis.
    Heer’s mai hunnert dollars.

  4. I doan gots a hunnert dollahs…but I gots a hunnert dollah towil…does dat count? Eavh an ebberywun of dose songs was moast fantabulous….what a wunnerful evint.

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