A Noo Cheez Cuming

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A Noo Cheez Cuming
by KCTailkinker

{KCT getz awn teh stayge wif geetar}
Ahem! Ai gonna sing a sawng foar luv uv mai cheezpeeps.
{sings to the werds uv “There’s A New World COming” wif teh Mommas & the Poppas wif moomoo autfit}

Theres a noo cheez cuming,
Dis wuns cumming to an end,
Deres a noo cheez cummin,
Doan let teh poyntys get u in teh end!

Comming in peeces, comming lub, comming in Cheez!

Dere’s a lawt noo cheezfrens,
Dere shud be nawt to an end,
Dere’s a lawta noo cheez frens,
Wif LOLs to tawp them!

Coming in peeces , comming in lub, coming in Happytayle!

{chokes up awn sawng…..getz happeetayle abowt cheez & lub} Ai gawta sit down foar a bit….{leeky eyes oar too mush ‘nip} Lubs U, Man!

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