Cheezburger Websiyt

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc Two

Cheezburger Websiyt
by catena

Adn Jim-meow Hendriks taykz teh staj

Osae kin yu here
Though yur eerz dey bii num
How so loudlee wii LOLed
At teh hour’s las turnen

Kitteh strips and brite eeyz
Through teh intertubes come
Awn awr puterz wii watchud
Adn awr fingurz were burnen

Adn teh kahmentz wii wroet
Funnee liynz dat wii quoet
Gafe proof through teh nite
Dat teh LOLs wuz still dere

Osae duz that cheezburger
Websiyt stil lode
Fur teh cheezpeeps dat nede
Funnee katz to beholde

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