Cheezstock Aftermath

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc Three

Teh Burfday Fairy and Teh Nite Watchman Has teh Last Word

burfday fairy says:
August 31, 2009 at 7:23 pm

*flits sawftly wif pritty wingz ober cheezland, ober teh heeps an piles ob shnoozing an passded-owt cheezfrenz*

*smiles finking ob all teh fun ob cheezstokk, speshuly sinse her rebember to bukmark it so her kan go bakk an re-libbing it any time*

*gently swishes burfday wand, liddle sparklies flote down ober cheezland to gibbing all teh cheezfrenz sweet dreemz*

¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ * ¤ *

cweenmj says:
August 31, 2009 at 8:13 pm

Deh Nite Watchman iz wawking frew Cheezland, lukz up adn seez deh sparkleez floating down. He waivingz tu deh burfday fairy as she flitz away.

Nip, flowerz and peepz b skatterifyed ebbreewair. Deh d’Beaker Labs van b parkt in a ditch bai deh tentz, wif Igor nowhair tu b scene. Sum uv deh tentz b leening maor dan dey prolly shud.

“Boy, dat wuz sum party.” he sez tu himsef. He wanderz rownd, frum staig tu stayg, adn deh ekkoz uv deh songz fillingz himz hed. He stepz keerfully, putting floofy blankeez ober deh sleeping cheezpeepz. Deh Skwrrlgrrl, Aahz, Guinness Piggeh, Ambercat, KCT adn LCB awl b fast asleep in a pile. He leenz ober and takingz Aahz’z watch owt uv LCBz pokkit and puttingz it bak on Aahz’z rist.

He stopz bai deh JCH4K fowntin, sniffs, den tentatively samplolz deh water. “Tastes like nip.” Hii installz a noo filter on deh pump. “Dhere, it shud b fresh and kleen bai morning.”

Finally, he goez tu deh Princess Mu Medow. He sitz on a bench under a chestnut tree and snorglolz and pettingz awl deh kittehz. Dhere b mennee noo kittehz dere dis ebening, and hii kin rekkognizing deh wunz dat kamed frum PK. Hii gibbingz eech uv dem a eggstra speshul hug adn whisspurrz sea kritz in dehre eerz. Deh liddlol kittehz gibz him deh sloe blinkz and soft mewsikklol purrz.

See teh original at ICHC

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