Hay Matt

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc Two

Hay Matt
by Elsa_Mama

Elsa_Mama jumps up onna stage – wif tie-die t-shirt wif a piktur un her boi Matt onit, and Beeg Bell Bellbottum jeenz and her hares awl teezed inna a beeg blondee afroish doo and longee eerringz wif bear feets muddy frum da rain …

*Dis songee iz in memoree ub mii Boi Matt who foughted da gud fite and gabe da inspeerashuns too two meeny peepz ta count *

Hay Matt, we wont bee sadz
An take a sads fing an maekz its bedderer
Remember, weel keepz u inna ar hartz
Then wii kin start, to feelz beddar

Hay Matt, weez nawt afraid
Wii knoz you hadz ta leeevee us
The minute wii newz you wif God
Then Wii began, ta feelz beddar

And any time wii feel the pain; Hay Matt, we gain
Cuz wii kno weez onna yer shoulders
For well, wii knoz that yous a
angelz, who plays it kool
An making dis world, a little hole lotz bedderer

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaa…

Hay Matt, wii lubs you sew
Youz ar wif God, and weel halpz heem
Remember, weel keepz u inna ar hartz
Then wii kin start, to make it beddar, beddar,
beddar, beddar, beddar, beddar,…

Naaa, Na Na NaNa Naaa, NaNa Naaa,

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