Innerweb Linemanatee

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Innerweb Linemanatee
by Hugh G. Manatee

*A gigantic tank is pulled on stage by twenty panting badgers who collapse in a heap. A single spotlight shines on a large, fully aquatic marine mammal wearing a top hat, who leans on the edge of the tank, holding a guitar in his flippers.*

Hello friends! I’d like to sing you a little song, it’s kind of personal so I hope you will indulge me. If you’d like to sing along the tune is Wichita Lineman. Apologies to Jimmy Webb, who wrote WL and Glen Campbell, who sang the most well known and very beautiful version.

*ahem, ahem*

I am a manatee in your intertubes and one day I swam through.
Searchin’ for some fun and a virtual friend or two.
I heard the loling in the comments, I saw the fun to be had
And it made this lonely mammal feel so very glad.

Other sites are not too kindly, so I lurked for a while
And found the friendly interactions here could always make me smile.
Everyone made me welcome, when my first comment I dared
And discovered the fun here was meant to be shared.

It gets so lonely in the ocean, but I can’t stay on land
But with Cheeselands’s great magic, well I found that I could stand.
Now lets dance and sing together, lol with impunity
Thank you all for befriending this huge manaTEEEEE! ♥

*Bows and waves flippers to the crowd while the exhausted badgers re-harness themselves and slowly pull the tank off stage.*

See this song at Cheezstock

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