Pet Me, Feed Me

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc One

Pet Me, Feed Me
by mezzomom

Pet me,
Feed me
Scratch me
Snorgle me

Pet me
Feed me
Brush me
Lubs me

Sitting on yu, I getz teh warm spot
Shedding on yu, I maeks yu sneeze!
Tawking to yu, I getz the nommies
Ai haz yu fawling at mai feet

Rite beehine yu, I sees teh fud dish
Awn yu, I seez teh cat hayr
Frum yu, Ai getz attenshun
Frum yu, ai taeks teh best chayr

Awl teh gurl kittehs swoon seeing teh hansum adn furry Roger Loltrey adn teh What!

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