Purplol Maize

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Purplol Maize
by 4point5kittehs

*wispers* Ai nawt ‘posed to be up acuz ob minor procejure ai hadded todai, butt ai wanted to post ids.

*DK wanders to staj front adn luks owt at awl teh kool cheezpeeps still frolikking n playing n dansing. Her is waring royal blu corduroy bell boddums wif pink rikrak trim arownd the anklols, adn a tye-dye tee shurt. Her straps awn her red ‘lectric getar.*

Purplol Maize

Purplol maize all in my brain
Latley things just don’t seem the saem
Actin’ funny, but I don’t know teh norm
‘Scuse me while I nom dis corm

Purplol maize all around
Donut noes why it’s comin’ out of the ground
Am i hongree or in maizery?
Whatever it is, that corm put a spell on me.

Hapl mii, halp mii, oh noes!

*Wild frenetic getar solo*

Purplol maize awl in mai eyes
Donut now if it’s day or night
You’ve got me nommin’, nommin mai corm
Is it tomorrow or just teh end ob this morn?

Hapl mii, halp mii, oh noes!

*staggers off staj*

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