Teh Three Bells

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc One

Teh Three Bells
by Ambercat, Lungdoc and eeckthecat

* Ambercat flotes awn stayj inna clowd ob patchooli oyl anna swirly-patternd kafftan, baer feets an a croun ob slytlee wiltin daysees arown her hed *

Laydees an Jennulmens, or shud Ai sai: Cool Cats and Hip Doods: We has a speshul treet fur yu nao – nawt oenlee a trans at lantix dyooet bai me, Ambercat an Mr “Iyun” Lungdoc butt(!) awlso a rilly egg syting gest appeerunce: Nao well noen in Cheezlan fur her poor trayul ob inannianniannimayt objex, in Low Budgie Porduktshuns, the Cheez-faymus Eeckthecat is egg spandexing her reper twire to plai inannianniannimayt myosicul instrooments!!

So let me bring awn stayj:
Eeckthecat – wiv a beehave hayrstyl bigger than she is herself an dressed in nee-hi patent plastic shy knee boots an a blakanwytcheks minidress – plees to nawt be bendin ovah, Eeck, or we will be seeing nekst week’s woshing! – and weeling awn a stand ob bells…..
An Lungdoc: a vishun in cheezcloff and bell-bottum jeens so wyd a he can stash a payr ob bongs….err, Ai meen bongO drums in eech leg!

If yu wonts to singalawng, the myoosic is

Plees to gib it up to Lungdoc, as he opens owr peese; singin in cloes free-part harmunny wiv himself! (Ai has no ideer hao he dus that! – muss be hims meddycul bakgrownd)

Lungdoc says:
Tehre’s a websyt, hiddun deeeeep in teh innerwebs
Amung the pron syts aw forlorn
An teh, ebry 3 howrs
A gnu Lolcat pic is born

Ambercat says:
[Eeeeeckk!!! Wehr is yu?!]

eeckthecat says:
Sorree…werk emergencee…

Ambercat says:
Pfft, stoopy pleh Reel Lyf!

jk2kitteh says:
yah, wut she sayd!

eeckthecat says:
Big bang bong bung….

Ambercat says:
Awl teh cheezpeeps teyy R raysing, to beet Anni to furst post
Tho tehy neber wud admit it, cos to sai “furst” is teh wurst!
Tehn arownd teh wirld teh cheezpeeps, joyn in song an danse an fun

eeckthecat says:
** tinglelingelingle **

Ambercat says:
Let us joyn in joobilayshun, heer teh conga rats’ elayshun
Plees to plai nyse ebbrywun!

Lungdoc says:
Tehre’s a websyt, hiddun deeeeeeep in teh innerwebs
Wehre teh oenlee rool is to plai nyse

eeckthecat says:
He’s very gud,isn’t he??
How does he sing in harmony wif hizzself ??

Lungdoc says:
An heer, five tyms awn weekdais
(for tyms on weekends)trolls to plees tayk owr advyse

eeckthecat says:
Oh,sorry…it’s my turn isn’t it ???

eeckthecat says:
**thunk,crash,bang **
OUCH !!!!

Ambercat says:

Ambercat says:
Awl the cheezpeeps will ignore yu, And eet caek in teh brakeroom
Cos we com heer to escayp the Pleh Reel Lyf sindrome

eeckthecat says:
dropped a bell there,can I just……

Ambercat says:
An teh cheezpeeps awl start sighing, “Oh the Hyooje Manatee!”
Leed us nawt into temptayshun, to address tihs sityooayshun.
Tihs is owr fillossofee

eeckthecat says:
Ai fink it’s under your kaftan….
Blimey..when did you last wash your feet !!

Lungdoc says:
Form teh websyt, hiddun deep in teh innerwebs
A Guinness Pig had tihs ideer
To hav a 3-LOL partay
Sellebrayting awl fings Cheez…

eeckthecat says:
Hang on…let me hang this up again…
Oh dear…ai fink dat ones bent!!

Ambercat says:
Heer the kitteh bells a-ringing, as tehy danse and sho jazz paws

eeckthecat says:
** tinglelinglelingle **
Well, DAT ones still fine!

Ambercat says:
Wiv teh caypers an teh prances, and pinkee toepads we adores
An teh cheezpeeps will nao bring yu, 3 LOLs of sawng an mud
With teh cheezcloff and the joss stix and the kaftans and the LOLpix
Lyf has never been so gud!

Ambercat says:
*Lungdoc an Ambercat eech taek hold ob Eeck’s legs an swing her into teh beeg gong*

eeckthecat says:
And wif dat,deer cheezfrenz,ai haz to get back to stoopy werk
wif our stoopy new pyooter system dat iz fryin whuts left uv mai brayns!
*Shakes hand wif Ambercat & Lungdoc*

Lungdoc says:
Whee! Teh endz! (Bestest part aifinkso!) 😉

Ambercat says:
Wow man! Trans at lantix dyooett, wiv bells awn!!!

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