Wif a Littlol Halp frum Cheezfrenz

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc Two

Wif a Littlol Halp frum Cheezfrenz
by Meezer Mom

Teh stage iz dark and elebenty minutes pass az the myoosishuns tune up and/or toke up. Finally, when the liets com up, Meezer Mom is lurching around teh stage and—it’s Joe Cocker Spaniel! Teh croud swaez az he [David] sololfully sings:

Whut wud u think if ai showed u a LOL
Wud u sai taht teh spelling wuz flawed?
Luk obber heer and aisle show u a LOL
Pleez dont sniff if teh writin looks odd.
O, ai get laffz wif a littlol hap frum Cheezfrenz
O, no moar gaffes wif a littol halp frum Cheezfrenz.

Whut do ai do when my wurk is a drag?
(Duz it worry u to be behind?)
How do ai feel when teh boss starts to nag?
(Are u sad becuz he seems to mind?)
No, ai get glad wif a littlol halp frum Cheezfrenz,
O, start a fad wif a littlol halp frum Cheezfrenz.

Preddy soon weel be kvelling
So prowd uv LOLs in awr souls
Duz u heer distant yelling?
Ai heer sum boos frum teh trollz.

Do u beleev u kin splort frum teh cyoot?
Yesh aim sir tin taht it happunz awl teh tyme.
What duz u doo when yur kitteh’s a beaut?
Ai go boom becuz he luks sublime.
O, take a baff wif a littlol halp frum Cheezfrenz
O, wont be naff wif a littol halp frum Cheezfrenz.
Not by halfs wif a littol halp from Cheez, halp frum Cheezfrenz.

*Bows so deeply he staggerers a leetlol*

See this song at Cheezstock

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