Deh Twelv Daze uv Lolmas

Moar Holidaze Songs

Deh Twelv Daze uv Lolmas

Awn teh twelf dai ov crissmuss may kitteh gabe to meh…
Twelve Cheezfrens typing
elebenty YNG’s dansing
Ten tunz ov toona (parshully nommed)
Nine Lords Debreefing
Eight LOLs a-laffin’,
Seben swons nawt swimmin enneemor, – wot yu meen, “Tehy awl blong to teh Kween an Ai is prolly goin to hang for treesun”?
Siks mangled mousies,
Four burds calling for halps,
Free fronsh hens (oooh lala!)
Too turtlol doves,
an whut prolly wuz a partridge in bits.

Thankz tu Annipuss!! deh full blown vershun b heer. It started kinda wonkee, but wii got it ebenchullee.

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