LCBz Troll Song

Lol Songz \ LCBs Troll Song

Fatuous Trolls bai lolcatburglar
(wif aplolgies to Queen) you gonna rank us out tonight
Ahhh on that cat cheezburger site
Are you gonna spew your vitriol
Fatuous trolls
You’re such a drag to have around

Hey! I was just an online n00b
Never visited YouTube
But I saw trolls before I made my first comment
They come off super self-righteous
Or they try to pick a fight, yes
Hey, troll person, you show us that you’re ignorant
Hey hey!

I’ve been playing in Cheezland
Reading comments by thousands
I’ve seen ev’ry troll in the taxonomy
Oh, they’re nasty and so vile
Make fun of our unique LOL style
And they fail to win our respect every time

Oh, won’t you take some good advice
Oh, and for once try to play nice
In-stead of stirring up the pot
Fatuous trolls, or else we won’t want you around
Fatuous trolls you know we don’t need you around

Hey listen here
Yes you have opinions and moans
But don’t lob them like they’re stones
Ain’t no enemies in this locality (I tell you)
Oh but you insist on sniping
Just keep stereotyping
Poor troll person, you’ve done lost your humanity
Now get this

Oh (I know) you gonna rank us out tonight (puh-lease)
Oh on that cat cheezburger site
Oh you gonna spew your vitriol
Fatuous trolls you’re such a drag to have around
Fatuous trolls you know we don’t want you around
Get on your bikes and scram!

Oooh yeah them fatuous trolls
Fatuous trolls
Yeah yeah yeah
All right
Get ’em, Hunter!
Fatuous trolls
Yesh yesh

9 thoughts on “LCBz Troll Song

  1. LCB, iz teh berybery best! Has teh rime an teh reezin am mos importent, teh scansion! (My mbarisin past as a Inglish majer, let me show you it!)

    • Total win, LCB, mos eggsalad aplikayshunmint. Weez singin tu da trollz an mebbeh wun dae dey gohz *hedesk* “Wykum Ai wanna bee silly free yeer owld fur, tryin aout deh werdz dat peeps dun lyk, lyk as if deyz noo werdz tu mee?” or mebbeh “Negatib ‘tenshun iz bettern no ‘tenshun” or mebbeh dohz trollz dun bleeb in joy so dey sez tu us wuts ‘njoyin ar sefs “Yuz hipocratameesiz!” an dey dun bleeb weez kittehz at awl. An den dey gits skeert. Oar mebbeh nawt.

  2. um
    didju noh dat LCB iz lyk um well um
    totally HOT?
    an Aiza old maridjd gerl kitteh but ai nohz wut deh boikittehz lyk
    an Ai notissd dis baout LCB
    braynz, byooteez, talints sn sheez ARZ!

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