A Tribute to ICHC Rodents

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A Tribute to ICHC Rodents
by rhsb

**Walks up tew teh podiyum an softlee clears throte**

I’d like to say a few words about our wonderful rodent friends here on ICHC.

From the Mauses, to the West River rat, to the swkwirlols, to the Guinness Piggeh, the Rabid Weasels, and everyone else, you guies and girls have been nothing but nice to me. The Mauses have been there for me, and the Ebil Maus is such a grate friend and Master, as I am his original minion.

The skwirlols have been very busy and have provided lots of entertainment and great whippy cream.

The Guinness Piggeh, although he “borrowed” and forgot to return my leather goods, has been a great friend.

The Rabid Weasles, you guies have been great friends to me and do wonderful contract work when idjit co-workers play Krissmis Musick before FanksGibbin.

Mr West River rat, well what can I say? You’re a great person and have a heart bigger than the universe. Thanks for helping me christen the new soundproof room in the NB. ❤

**wipes a small tear from the corner of her eye**

Thank you to AWL our non-kitteh family members of Cheezland!

See this at Teh No Noms Consert

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