Speshul Burfday Song-n-Dans

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Speshul Burfday Song-n-Dans
by burfday fairy

ohai, burfday fairy gonna pop right in heer neer teh top (sorry, valesa!!) to brings teh HAPPEE BURFDAY greetings to all teh cheezfrenz, lolfrenz, noofrenz, lurkurfrenz, an trolz (mebbee) hoo haz tehms burfdays today!! i iz makin piez, so today i brings punkin pi, cherry pi, applol pi, applol-crannieberri pi (my speshulty 😀 ), choklit kreem pi, an lemming mering pi!! an hot choklit wif all teh fixins, an guddie bags wif bownsy balls taht lite up wen tehy bownse, choklit turkees, return ob teh ittybitty sekrit diyarees wif ittybitty sparkly pensils for riting in tehm!! an puffy turkee stikkers wif googly eyes! an opposablol fums for teh kitteh down teh blok. an a speshul burfday song-n-dans for teh plz not to nom teh rodesnt consurt!!

♪♫♪ happy happy burfday ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ to all teh cheezy peeps ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ hoo haz tehms burfdays today ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ plz to haz a wunnerful sellybrayshun ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ wif all teh pi’z an hot choklit i haz bringed ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ an the lubly goodi bags ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ tehr iz no need to be nomming teh rodents, plz ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ wif all teh ovver tasty fings taht we gots ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ so fank yoo to not be nommin teh rodents ♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tap*
♪♫♪ an hab a happy happy burfday!! ♪♫♪♪♫♪♪♫♪
*tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tap*

See this song at Teh No Noms Consert

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