Thank Yoo for Bein Cheez-frenz

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Thank Yoo for Bein Cheez-frenz
by gremlin

*gitz up on wun uf teh stages, lukking a liddel nervus*

Is this teh “open mikrophone” area? OK, thankx.

*strums a smawl gittar, kleers throat*

Is this thing on? *tap tap, reverb feedbak*

I haz a liddel tynee song ayd lyke to sing, to teh toon uv “Thank You For Being a Friend.”

*kleers throat agin nervusslee; then starts to sing with a full hart*

Thank yoo for bein cheez-frenz.
Traveld down teh Innernets and bak agen.
What fun we haz on eech LOL wher we gadabowt!

Aym not ashamed to say
I hope ICHC will always stay this way.
Peeps awl over teh whurld – havin fun, no dowt!

And if yoo threw a partay,
Invited every peep yoo knew,
Yoo wuld see teh biggest gift wuld be frum me
And teh kard attached wuld say:

Thank yoo for bein cheez-frenz!

If it’z a smiol yoo lack,
Ayll bet yooll find that yoov got it bak!
A laff and a frend enny tyme uv teh day or nite.

And when we awl git older
With slowing step and fur turnd gray
Hav no feer, if ICHC’s still here
I will stand reel klose and say:

Thank yoo for bein cheez-frenz!

*tayks a liddel bow, blows kisses to teh krowd*

See this song at Teh No Noms Consert

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