Barf on Yore Chayre

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Barf on Yore Chayre

April 7th, 2009 at 9:54 am

Ohai cheezfrenz, bai popular demarnd (wun purson on teh “Kitteh selects only teh finest ingredients…” lol), heer iz teh kompleet vershun of “Barf on Yore Chayre” sunged to teh toon of Symon nd Garfunklol’s “Scarborough Fair.”

Ai iz goink to barf on yore chayre
Gras nd weeds, harbls nd sliem
Merembur pls not to sitz daown tehre
But iffin yew do teh folt not be mien

Ai haz eetid sum bad fuds ai finkso
Frum a tin wot kostid a diem
Aiz not liek hoominz, karnt barf in teh sink so
Moev out da wae cos itz barfink tiem

Otay tehn, ai’ll barf on yore bed
Leev a big patch colored liek liem
Dont luk at me nd shaek yore hed
Iz not liek ai haz dun a criem

Ai iz goink to barf sumweer
Maek a mess in a playse taht is priem
Butt ai noes goink to tel yew wheer
Yew’ll find owt in yore own gud tiem.

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