Desperado, Revizited

Lol Songz \ Other Songz dedicates this song most particulary to our own Sweetpea and also to all teh Cheezfrenz out there who have ever been saddled wif a stoopy visor who is their corporate superior but intellectual inferior.

(wif aplologies to Teh Eaglols)

Stoopy visor, why don’t u come to ur senses
U’ve been mis-counting census for too long now
U’re not a sharp one
And I know that u got no reason
That Sweetpea’s not pleasing u
U stoopy old cow

Don’t u try to prove ur intellect
U’re not remotely able
U know u’d have to cheat to pass an IQ test
Now, it’s clear to me u lack branes
And ur not whut we call stable
So u bully smarter peeps u can’t best

Stoopy visor, o, u ain’t getting no smarter
Ur cranium’s harder than unquarried stone
And wisdom, o wisdom, well that’s just some people talkin’
One brane cell is walking thru ur hed all alone

Did u become cold due to ur defect?
U lost ur charm and u lost ur tact
It’s hard to say to Sweetpea “u’r OK”
U’re threatened by her competence
Ain’t it funny how self-esteem goes away?

Stoopy visor, why don’t u come to ur senses
Stop being so denses, give Sweetpea a break
U may be trainin’ but she’s much farther above u
U better get up offa her back (get up offa her back)
U better get up offa her back, she knoes u’re a fake.

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