Advenchurz Big and Small

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Originz and Furstz | Advenchurz | True Life Storiez | Eventz | General Sillynessez | Mewsical Misadvenchurz | LBT Produckshuns

Here is a sampling of teh trubbles Cheezpeeps get into all in a day’s (and night’s) lols. adn deh 16 ownz mowka wif extry spresso on helikat haz landed. Thrilling Reskew on Fail. And dere iz a lubblee comic based on deh Thrilling Reskew dun bai Princess Mu’z young frend Jessie on Flikr. This b habbing deh pixor dat LCB uzez fur her abatar. Trial uv deh Senchuree, featuring teh origin of teh hunnert dollar towel on hmph. Part 2 uv deh Trial iz on little cat has much faith in glass and dere b moar discussion on disco fever I has it. Oscar Party Fiasco on i run it moves right? Grand Ballet on claws beats paper. Nawty Barn burnz down on so der i wuz on mai porches when i see dis fireman stuck in tree.’Beaker Labs Adventure, starring cweenmj, Rosie, MaryO and boom on happy chair enjoys life to fullest. Time Travel Adventure, starring Philippe d’Beaker, LCB, JCH4K, and MaryO on with modern packaging. Acme Rocket Lawn Chair launched agin on dis happenz everytime she drinks da takeeela. LCB had startinged an alfabet list wif “Applying lipstick to a guinea pig” adn fur sum reezun, GP took eggsepshun tu dat.!!! Romance!! Flying car pitz!! Vine swinging!!! Egg sitementz!! And itz awl heer!! Africat, Booklion, Skwirrlgrrl, Maus, Guinness Piggeh, 4point5kittehs, PrincessMu, adn a host uv uzzerz make dis a tru Cheezland Epic Adven Chewer. phonez deh halp desk on rightside-up-umop-apsdn fur a noo monitor adn grabbity boots. addkittehz playz deh part uv deh halp desk. Another request had to be made when peeps started riting upside down on on the 7th day and SJ/Martoonie halps LCB fill out her Customer Dissatisfaction Survay. too many adventures getting stuck in high places, LCB falls down a well for a change of pace on Yeah, we hooked up! by PowerPoint on Sloe death. gets trapped in teh TV on They’re heeeeere… It starts at the top and ends about halfway down the thread when L to the C pronounces teh house to be cleen. could a simple kickline dance with sparkly costumes go horribly awry? And whut is LCB doing up on teh lolcatwalk? Find out on u wont take meh alive coppahs. Teh mayhem continues on Look at me while iz talkin to u! abored teh runaway monorail, now pulling into monorail cat haz ROADRAGEZ.
Otter Nonsense..Wuns upon a time Nightshayde wuz just a happy liddlol Hello Kitty… Den she started finking bowt otterz. Adn otter mayhem ensued. It started wen cweenmj granted a simplol wish. The neggst day, Nightshayde had a kwestion wich led tu more complikations espeshullee fur GammaCat, Leeza (skwirrlgrrl) adn sebbral uzzer innosent bystanderz. Deh complicashunz kuntinued intu deh neggst lol . Adn deh neggst day cweenmj got a speshul marblol fur hur majiklol wand. Den dhere wuz a breef recap fur peepz hoo had no idea wut wuz going on. GammaCat got bak tu normal evenchully. But deh Skwirrlgrrl wuz in de Nile adn den cweenmj became a preggerz wolverine. …… I’m not shur wutebber happend tu Leeza.

Moar Lore:
Originz and Furstz | Advenchurz | True Life Storiez | Eventz | General Sillynessez | Mewsical Misadvenchurz | LBT Produckshuns

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