Character map

Ever wunder were deh hartz musik notez and cweenfetti and bublolz kum frum?? Dey awl b living in dhe Charakter Map. I puttinged a shortcut 2 it on mai desktop. Here iz how to finding it if u b habbing deh Windoze 97 oar Vista (If u haz deh Mac, u will just haz 2 reed ur manual oar finding ur help buttin):

Klikkee on deh “Start” den Accessories den System Tools den Character Map.

Wen it opunz dere be awl sorts uv karakters. Select wut u want (u ken pik moar dan 1) den klik deh Copy button. den kum bak 2 ur commint and press Ctrl+V (oar click Edit, den Paste frum dehn Menu bar)

heerz a samplol: ♥ ☺ ∞ € ▼ ▬ ۞ ± ¶ © £ ♫ ♪

Oar, if u b deh kind uv peep dat preferz tu uzing deh Alt key plus a number tu making deh karakterz, der b a kumplete list uv dem at Ted Montgomery’z tutorial.. Remember dat tu uzing dem, u haz tu uzing deh numberz in deh number keypad, not deh numberz abuv deh letterz on ur keeboard.

3 thoughts on “Character map

  1. I have a Mac what I know about computers would fit in here—>o
    So I cannot use all that neat-o stuff. The only way I know to caption LOLz is on ICHC. (It only lts me use Basic Builder now. So much for appreciating al of us who kept them going with our LOLz.) So I’m still their captive. I don’t have a smarty-pants phone or any other portable electronic devices. Heck, I don’t even have an mp3 player, just a CD player that sits on top of my old, not-flat TV. Is there any help for me????

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