Moar Windoze trikz

Wanna copy n paste sumfin? hilite it den press Ctrl+C to Copy or Ctrl+X to CutPaste is Ctrl+V.  U kin use dese to copy stuff frum a commint into a text editor to save.  Oar u kin prepare sumfing in advance in a text editor and den copy n paste it into ur commint.

Ctrl+F opunz a Find window….u kin type in deh text u b lukking fur and use deh Next and Previous arrows to searching threw deh page.  I use dis to finding peepz (oar even m’sef) on a lol, espeshlee wen I lefting a note 2 sumwun adn i b wanting 2 see if it ever got anserd.

(In case u fergitting deze keybord shortcutz, dey b hiding in deh Edit menu.)

If u b habbing deh ‘old iiz’ adn wud liking bigger letterz on ur screen, u kin pressing Ctrl++.  Dat meanz holding down deh Ctrl key and pressing deh plus sign (it b on dhe = key).  Eech tyme u pressing it, deh letterz git biggerer.

To making deh letters smaller, pressing Ctrl+-. Dat meanz holding down deh Ctrl key and pressing deh minus sign (hyfen key).  Eech tyme u pressing it, deh letterz git smallerer.

To returning 2 normal size, pressing deh Ctrl+0 (dat b deh zero key).

(In case u fergitting deze keybord shortcutz, dey b hiding in deh View menu under Zoom.)

If u b wanting thingz REEELY REEELY BIG u kin turning on deh Magnifier.

I have Windows Vista, other versions of Windows may be a little different.

To start the Magnifier:

  • Click on “Start”
  • Click on “Control Panel”
  • Click on “Ease of Access Center”
  • Click on “Make the computer easier to see”.
  • Scroll down to “Make things on the screen larger”
  • Check the “Turn on Magnifier” box.
  • Click “Save”.

A set up window for the Magnifier will appear.  And a Magnifier Window will open at the top of your screen.  It will follow your mouse around on your screen and put whatever is near your mouse in the magnifier.

In the set up window you will have several options to play with, including the scale factor (how big you want the print in the magnifier window to be — anything from x1 to x16.) You can dock the magnifier on the top, bottom, left, or right of your screen; or have it un-docked.  The default is Top. Adjust things to suit you, then minimize the set up window.

2 thoughts on “Moar Windoze trikz

  1. I notice that lots of peeps seem to be having problems with avatars. Maybe its just Apple/Macs but they seem to have the same problems I have/have had, so here are sometricks I’ve figures out. On my MacBook Pro;

    1> go to WP account, if you can’t change your gravitar, don not sign out of WP; go to and sign in. Follow onscreen instructions to change Gravatar. Sign out of

    2> If your gravatar hasn’t changed; change it now.
    Save changes.

    3> Clear cookies and cache.

    4> Go back to ICHC and sign out.

    5> Go back to WP and sign out.

    6> Exit Safari and then LOG OFF not just sign out.

    7> Start Computer, log on to Safari, log on to WP and then onto ICHC.

    8> Voila – the new abatar should show up in a few minutes/hours/days.

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