wii awl noez dat sumtimez ur comment gitz sent tu deh land uv Moderashun.  But how? and why?

Went u klikking on deh “Submit Comment” buttin, ur comment am sent thru filterz dat check fur 2 seprit thingz: linkeez and nawty werds.  Deh owner uv deh blog kin set theze parameterz az dey see fit.

Allow mii tu kwote deh ebil user frendly WordPress.  Theze b frum deh blog ownerz page fur holding commentz fur moderation.

Dis furst wun b abowt linkez.

Hold a comment in the queue if it contains ___ or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)

As u kin see, dis allowz deh blogger, in dis casePrysmakitteh, tu limit deh nomber uv linkeez u putz in ur comment. PK haz set dis number tu 2, ur comment kan kontain 1 link.

And dis b deh sekkund part.  It dealz wif deh nawty werdz:

When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be held in the moderation queue. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”.

And heer dhere am a field where deh blogger kan put in any werdz dey don’t wanna see in deh commentz. Eech blog can haz itz own list uv forbidden werdz.

Plz note dat dis awlso allowz deh blogger tu capture commentz frum peepz dey nawt want tu commenting at awl bcuz dis filter awlso b checking deh IP address, emayo address, and/or URL.

And note dat last sentence up dere:  It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”.  In other words, if  a werd on deh nawty list b inside a werd u typez, it will b a match adn throw ur comment intu moderashun.  And dat iz wut will get ya.

Which bringingz us tu deh awl-important kwestyun:  Wut werdz am on Cheezlandz nawty list??

I dunno.

9 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. Fanku Mai Cween. Yesturdae (oar teh dae b4) Ai putted in a link tu wun ov mai own Lolcat lolz, adn it wuz still in moderashun 4 howrs latur….bai taht taim peeps wuz prittee mush dun luking at taht FP lol. Tehy shuld b ablol tu eggempt lolz frum teh saem site sinse tehy has awlreddy bin approoved. Oar reset it tu 2. Ai iz just sayin…..

  2. What I would like to know is – does a human ever read these? Because I was talking about my trip to England, and the name of the town – one of the really foremost cute towns in England – they use it for lots of movies and TV series. And anyone who read it would clearly see it was the name of a town.

    And I don’t think my original comment EVER came back.

    And – well – that just goes to far. Cock has SO many uses in English. We can’t talk about Cock Robin. We can’t cock a gun – not that we’d want to – but we can’t cock our heads, either, and I do that all the time! It’s the name of a chicken!! Cocks and hens! What else – there must be more. I wish there were someone to talk to this about.

    Oh well. *sigh*

    But thanks, dere Cween. It is something we do need to think about. But when I was talking about Lacock, I was so SHOCKED to find myself in moderation. I think many people are. And it wouldn’t be so bad if there were someone there reading it – and seeing – well, they are talking about jewelry, or English towns, or any number of thngs – and release it before everyone has moved on.

    • Looked up Lacock on the English Placename’s website. Heer iz teh rezult. From dis, can we conclude teh Head Cheezpeeps aer afeared ob water?

      A Key to English Place-Names


      ST 91 68


      Probably, ‘small stream’.
      OE *lacuc

  3. Aifinksew dat yoo awlsew gitz putt intew teh moderayshun iff iz yur nawt-secund cawmint (ebbur) awn dat partikklular site…adn awlsew iff yoo has nawt poastededed inn a lawng whilol…

  4. I hazza nastownded taht Lacock be moderifying material!!!…
    *jumps in box on wheeeeels an dribes a few milols down teh rode*……..
    Hehe! Dey cud nawt moderficate it 😀 Lacock is still der ;)…an the stachoo ob the YNG in one ob teh gardins ;)…srsly. Is troo. JCH4K an Ambercat has seen it 😀

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