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Update #10

Final posting


We have two little boys to do yet, LB and BB, and then we will be done. We are down to 9 finally, and three of them are older cats, so we have decided to stop taking in strays. We will continue to feed the ferals, but enough is enough- we have been doing this since 1985, and are simply getting to the point where it is not feasible.

I will be shutting this site down as of March 3, since payout is on the 1st of each month. I only need $150 more, to get both boys neutered and get them their shots. I will cover the rest of the shots for everyone else from now on.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your help. Without you, we could not have neutered and spayed as many as we did, and we certainly could not have found the homes we found for so many healthy cats and kittens. We hope to perhaps find homes for LB and BB yet, but if not, they will have a good home here, brothers with Tigger, Mama, Ringo, Jasmine, Missy, Bubba and Junior, with Mia and Cali watching them out the window.

Everyone has made it through the winter with flying colors, and is healthy and well, so know that every little bit that anyone gave was a heaven sent miracle for these furbabies. All we ask is just a few dollars more, to finish the job, and then we can just continue on, taking care of these babies, and let someone else take up the job.

Bless each and every one of you for what you have done so far. You are all angels in our book!

Love, MamaCat and Mo, Cali, Mia, Mama, Tigger, Ringo, Jasmine, Missy, Bubba, Junior, LB, BB and the ferals.


Kitties to deh Vet

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So, took Pippi and the three little boys to the V. E. T. today.

Pippi  has an infection in her nose, probably still from that straw I pulled out this spring (!), so she got a shot of long acting antibiotic.  Dr Tom said otherwise, she is doing great.

The  three little boys are the kittens the wild mama brought. She has  disappeared, so am raising them for her. The biggest little boy was 15  oz, the middle one was 13 oz, and the runt was 5 oz. Dr Tom gave them  all worm medicine, and then checked the little one out closely. He  thinks the eye is totally gone, so I should stop trying to salve it and  open it, there is just nothing there and it will hopefully close up on  it’s own and skin grow over it. He also got some stuff to help the  diarrhea. Otherwise, they are all okay. Dr Tom says the little one is still pretty spunky, he was toddling all over the exam table, lol, and I told him that he eats really well, so now we just wait and see. Still watching to see what their names are, right now just calling them Biggie, Midling and LIttle Shit, lol.

Pippi can now play with them, like she has been begging to do since the mama left, I wouldn’t let her until we got her sneezes figured out, so now all four are happy. Pippi is just a baby herself, just a year old, so more like a big sister to them, but that is okay, someone to cuddle up to is never a problem!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated to keeping this cats healthy and well. Being able to take them in when they need it is a huge weight off our heads. There is enough in there right now to get all three little boys neutered when it is time, so thank you thank you thank you!!

Update frum MamaCat at Four Winds

The three little boys are now eating kitten chow, mixed with water. She has one very strong one, one midling one that is shy but getting better, and one poor little boy with what looks like only one eye. Am hoping to get the kittens to the vet this week to be checked out. Still no plans on how we are going to catch the mama and get her spayed and shots etc. Stay tuned!

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New mama cat and three kittens

A very wild mama showed up, and I thought she might have kittens somewhere. Well, she finally brought them out so I could see them.  There are three of them. They are about five weeks old right now, and do have sore eyes. I (always) have medicine available, so I caught them and cleaned them up and put ointment in their eyes, but they are going to need more medical care. The mama will also need to be caught and spayed, and the kittens will need to be spayed/neutered at some point. Any amount helps, big or little. Thank you so much- lets care for these babies!

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KittyRoo am awl set tu Walk

It am almost time fur deh Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  KittyRoo will b walking in memory uv deh Nite Watchman and too many uzzers hoo nebber made it out uv deh darknesses.

KR sez:

Only free moar days until the Overnight walk – ai hazzan excited!!   still needs 73 munnies tu reaching the minimum goal… ai hazza hopeful!

Plz to halping hur reech hur goal  by donating a munnee or twu:

ElsaMama’z Bro tu Ride fur Cancer

Hay all yoo s!! I wanted y’all to kno mi brudder am ridin inda Empire State Ride to raze for cancer. He is doin it in memmory ub mai boy Matt hoo lossed his battlol wiff AML.

Brudder will ride himz bike 500 miles in seben daze heer am da linkee to himz donor paje iffn NEwun wants to support hinz effhurts.
FangQ – dat am awl

Out uv deh Darknessess

Dis am frum KittyRoo:
Deer frends, it’s dat time of year agin!

Aiz going to walk in Joon (wif mai sistercats) in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Dis year specially I am honoring 3kittehsownme, who had a sad and tukking too many pills, but luckily wuz sabed bai frends on the Book of Fayces (wun uv hoom wuz me) who herd her crai fur helps, and wun noo her address and sented a Care Team for a wellness check. *whew* She am doing well nao, yay!

Dis am wut ai postified on my page, wif a pixor of last year’s shirt:

The Story in the Stars

Each star on my shirt represents a person whose live has been touched by suicide. Some have committed suicide, such as the young gentleman pictured on the lower right – the son of a long-distance friend, his memory lives on in an internet community as The Night Watchman, a guardian in the dark hours, since he could not bear to see another day.

Some have lost loved ones to suicide, some have attempted it themselves, some are living with depression or other mental illnesses.

I am honored to ensure that every person represented is loved and remembered. The Overnight Walk helps us bring light into a dark place.

This year my sisters and I will be walking in NYC, my 5th and their 3rd, to help spread awareness and gather support.

Ifn u wud like to donating, u kin do so heer:

Hugs n’schmoos,
Anne (KittyRoo)