I got dis  frum MuggleMary today:

To everyone:
I’m gobsmacked by your generosity and beems! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve gotten so many wonderful encouraging words, and I spent most of yesterday morning crying over the generosity of my online friends. Each email I opened just floored me. Two more gifts arrived today, and one was heart stopping! I appreciate the lifeline thrown to me by all of you, and wish I could give every single one of you a huge hug and shower you with Schmoooz.
I’m going to try and repay everyone who gave to me, but it will take some time. I have got to figure out my new Medicare, and make phone calls to providers who’ve billed me. It seems that I spend half my days online with frickin insurance and billing departments, and with my diminished brain capacity, I’m afraid I’ll forget or misunderstand what they tell me.
But you all have lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am for you, my dear friends. You are all true guardian angels.
Much love,
Mugglemary (aka Mary Sethre)

MuggleMary in Bad Shape

Ohai Cheezee Frenz,

Our MuggleMary am in a bad way and need our halp.  Shii writes:

I’m currently experiencing a huge amount of trauma, physical and financial.


At the end of Nov. I fell and had a pretty bad head injury. I’ve got TBI (traumatic brain injury ) and am out of money. I hate to come begging from my friends, I’d really rather do anything but. I’m in dire straits. I’m on Medicare, but they don’t pay for everything, and my medical bills this year have drained all my accounts. Besides trying to heal from my fall, I’m having to learn to deal with diminished energy and emotions that make no sense at all. I’m so sad 😞 over this that it’s hard to rest and all I do is fret.

I know that other Cheezfrenz have been fortunate to receive help from fellow Cheezfrenz. Anything would help me, and I’m devastated to even ask.

I have $30 in my checking, $30 in my savings and $22 cash. SSI doesn’t arrive till the 15th.

Tomorrow (Jan 4) one of my sainted friends is taking me to get cat food and that’ll take care of my checking account till the 15th.

Please, please help me. I don’t know what to do.

Many Schmoooz to all my friends and I miss and love you all.



Mary Sethre


U kin send beemz to hur in Minnesota.  If u kin halp hur financially, u kin use paypal and hur emayo addy tu send hur a munny or twu.  

A message from JD

I obtained a cat from a no-kill shelter maybe a year or two ago. I’ve developed something of a phobia of this, as I form close attachments only to discover the young healthy cat they claimed they’d offered was in fact positively ancient and dying from something terrible.

Well, my precious “four year old and shy” Mozart has now been diagnosed as actually being fifteen with a probably terminal combination of liver and thyroid disorders.

The best I can hope is that the repeatedly abandoned Mozart (he has been returned to the shelter many times) has finally had some comfort in his final years. I can only hope he doesn’t feel like he’s been failed.

It hurts that shelters feel that it’s ok to lie about a cat’s age or health. I would probably have adopted him anyway, but had a totally different approach. This isn’t the first time I’ve been lied to. It hurts. Each time it hurts worse. Few vets can confuse 4 with 15, or shyness with the start of organ failure.

Please can people send beams to Mozart, let him know I tried my best and that I wish I could turn the hurt to joy.

Emo Goes tu deh Rainbow Bridge

Dis sad nooz comes tu us from JD.

The grate kitteh poet Emo, awfur ob teh toona pome posted sum thyme back, has run off wib teh Nite Watchman.

She had been ill for a while, thyroid, and went peacefully to sleep without assistance just as a thunderstorm finished. Ifinkso that she spotted toona in the rayne and slipped out of her body to go hunt them. She was estimatified at 14, but she may have been older – she’d been a barn cat for over half that and had lost an eye in her adventures as such. That’s why the farm wanted her to be in a regular home.

Her main contributions as a family cat included being a complete and utter ditz, poet laureate and keyboard player.

KittyRoo Walks Again

Dearest Cheezfriends.

This year will be my 7th Ovenight Walk. My first was to honor the son of our friend, who had ended his own life shortly after his 27th birthday, the victim of undiagnosed depression. He lives on our collective memory as “The Night Watchman”. Since that time, so many friends have shared their own stories of loss, of struggling with mental illness, and their own attempts. I grieve with them, love them, support them, and am thankful for the ones who are still with us, still fighting, still talking, still living.

My fundraising goal this year is $1250 – any contribution supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is much appreciated .

Anne (KittyRoo)