Tidmumz Daddehz Goggie Goez tu Bridge

Tidmum says:

Poor Pollyanna.Mai Daddeh is soooo sad. There has been Spotty Dogs at home for more tahn a qwarter ob senchurie. Is teh end ob an era :cry:
Go well sweet Pollyanna. Yor brudders an sisters ar waitin for yoo in teh meadow. Tehy has all teh teetowlols an shuz an pears an termaters yoo cud possiblee want… ;)


Happy Q

Q. says:

Peepz! I haz a big nooz: I adoptified a goggie – a gorgeous 18-month old Rottweiler cross, from my Merryland local shelter. She is beautiful, sweet, and has terrible taste in music: Eric Clapton guitar riffs make her howl. Or maybe it’s good taste and she’s singing along?? Her nom de shelter was Rosie but I’m not sure that is her real name, and I’m waiting to see what name comes to her and me.

On our early morning walk, we met a kitteh out strolling in the park. Rosie lay down, the kitteh marched over, and they touched noses! Good dog, good kitteh, happy Q.

I’m so so so happy to have a dog – it’s been 3 year since my last and I’m finally settloled down enough to have another.