Momchan’s Chocolate-Chip Cookie Pie

momchan says:

Ai donut haz cuppycaeks, butbutbut Ai jest mayde two chonklit-chippie cookee pies. Still warm frum teh obben. Yu kin haz sum.

pj perry says:

chonklit-chippie cookee pies? soouwnds too good to b true. *Yoinks*

momchan says:

Adn dey bii hart-shayped fur balentymez dai. *Yoinks bak* Plez tu bii sharing.

momchan says:

Ob korse!
Iz bery eezy, kid-frendlie, adn purfect fur teh bizzy mom hoo haz littul tyme.
LOLspeak off
Momchan’s Chocolate-chip cookie pie
1. Buy a package of frozen pie shells – regular, not deep dish. Let them thaw for 20 – 30 minutes. There are usually 2 in a package.
2. Buy a package of cookie dough – I like Nestle chocolate chunk, but any brand will work. If it says it makes 12 big or 24 regular size cookies it will make 2 pies.
3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
4. Take half the cookie dough and smoosh it in one of the pie shells so it completely covers the bottom. (Kids love to do this part)
You end up with one giant cookie in a pie shell.
5. Bake on the lowest oven rack for 28 – 30 minutes – more if you like crunchy, less if you like chewy.

Cut into 12 wedges while still warm. Goes good with ice cream or hot chocolate.

To make heart-shaped pies, I take the piecrust out of the pan it comes in and put it into my heart-shaped cake pans. I have to trim and reshape it a little, but it comes out fine.