A message from JD

I obtained a cat from a no-kill shelter maybe a year or two ago. I’ve developed something of a phobia of this, as I form close attachments only to discover the young healthy cat they claimed they’d offered was in fact positively ancient and dying from something terrible.

Well, my precious “four year old and shy” Mozart has now been diagnosed as actually being fifteen with a probably terminal combination of liver and thyroid disorders.

The best I can hope is that the repeatedly abandoned Mozart (he has been returned to the shelter many times) has finally had some comfort in his final years. I can only hope he doesn’t feel like he’s been failed.

It hurts that shelters feel that it’s ok to lie about a cat’s age or health. I would probably have adopted him anyway, but had a totally different approach. This isn’t the first time I’ve been lied to. It hurts. Each time it hurts worse. Few vets can confuse 4 with 15, or shyness with the start of organ failure.

Please can people send beams to Mozart, let him know I tried my best and that I wish I could turn the hurt to joy.

Barrel Haz Heart Attack

LOLDemon says:

(Putting aside the lolspeak for the moment to discuss a un-lol matter.)

If you could, please send positive thoughts, prayers, or your preferred form of long distance support to a close friend of mine. He e-mailed yesterday to say that Barrel, one of his two beloved kitties, had died of a sudden and completely unexpected hear attack at just five years of age. The vet said that this does happen with cats sometimes for various reasons and that there was really nothing that could have been done to prevent it. I’ve known Barrel and his brother Grey since my friend adopted them at five months old. They were both friendly cats, though not the type to hop on your lap and cuddle, though they spent most nights curled up in bed with my friend. Barrel was particularly vocal and if I was visiting around kitty dinnertime, I got to hear his insistent little chirps requesting food.

I’ve offered our sympathy and help with whatever my friend may need and am strongly considering a donation in Barrel’s memory to the shelter he was adopted from.

So if you would be so kind, please send thoughts or prayers to help Barrel on to whatever you believe awaits the cats who pass from this world and to help my friend and surviving kitty Grey through this sad time.

DoodliePoo’z Elmo

I fownded dis on mai profile tuday.

Deer Cween, I has sum terrible sad news. Doodlie Poo’s beloved Elmo crossed the bridge today under terrible circumstances. From her email…

Oh, Andrew, oh god, I’ve had to put Elmo to sleep – oh, I’m dying inside. He was fine yesterday but this morning he was lethargic and couldn’t go to the bathroom. No appetite. So I took him to the emergency vet, assuming that he just would need some medicine and that he would be better…. it turned out he had stones in his kidneys and his urethra and his urinary tract … The vet was wonderful and put him to sleep while he was in my arms. She said it was a congenital thing and not caused by something he was eating or drinking. I got to say goodbye. This is gonna be real tough for me to get through. I loved him more than anything.

In a lifetime of knowing cat lovers I’ve never known anybody who spoke with such love of their friend than Poo did for Elmo Macaroni, they were best of friends and meant to be together. I has a world sized sad today for Poo.

Matt’z Memorial, Addendum

Dis caminged in mai emayoz deh uzzer day frum BOM-MOMME adn I furgot tu posting it.  😳 so heer it iz now.  Hope iz not tu late.

I don’t want to step on toes since I think the Minutes of Silence is a wonderful idea. Kathy made a comment about wanting to find the tribute pictures that were made for Matt, maybe during the silence, those who made the pictures could list the link so Kathy and anyone else can find them.

Lauri da bom momme

Memorial furr Matt

heer are teh balloons for teh baloloon releese tomorrow after teh 2 minnits ob silense for matt.

@ ¤ § Ф ξ ά φ ς @ ¤ § Ф ξ ά φ ς @ ¤ § Ф ξ ά φ ς @ ¤ § Ф ξ ά φ ς

tehy are in many shapes, sizes an colurs. also heer are markers for riting a messij on tehm.

reminder: dis will being at 4am Cheez time, 7am Pafisik time (also burfday fairy time), 10am Eestern time, 3pm TTI time, an 4pm Yoorup time. for 2 minnits plz only to post a blank commint (poynty brakket ober teh comma, poynty brakket over teh peryud, sumwun plz correkt me if dis iz rong) or Matt’s name. after, we will releesing teh baloloons into teh meddow. kthx. (dis messij will repeet on teh nekst LOL so evreewun kan getting teh baloolns.)

oh, an if yoo kannot being tehr at taht time, yoo kan come ober later an relees yor baloloon wen eber wurks for yoo.

And dis b frum deh Fais Book cheezeepeepz groop:

July 27th Matt, Elsa_Mama’s 14 year old son, lost his 10 month fight aganst leukaemia. Throughout this time Elsa_Mama, and Matt, showed great strength and dignity, kept strong by their faith.

Elsa_Mama sought light relief in ICHC, and we took her to our hearts and many of us cried with her when we heard of Matt’s passing.

A funeral mass will be held for Matt on Saturday 1st Aug at 9.30am, Chicago time. As so few of us can be there in person, I propose we show our respects at the nearest timed LOL – that will be 2am (ICHC time) /10am(EST)/ 3pm(TTI)/ 4pm(Rest of Europe).

WordPress won’t let you post an empty comment, so we can’t do a 2 minute “Silence” as such, instead please post just the name “Matt”, in a separate comment box, for the first 2 minutes of the LOL. I will post an explanation, similar to this, as the first comment.


Esme Passez

March 5th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

O hai, guise. I has some news. My Esme died in my arms this evening. She had been rapidly declining for several days so I knew this would happen sometime very soon.

Thanks to all of you for sending us your love and good wishes over the past year as she braved surgery and chemo. It has been a huge comfort to me. One of the last things I told Esme was that she was so wonderful that she had friends and fans all over the world.

If you would like to honor her memory, a donation to the shelter I adopted her from would be appreciated. I have created a tribute page for Esme and her former companion cat Jethro at firstgiving dot com. Click my name for the link.

Catzrme’z Pop-in-Law in Heaven

Dis b frum catzrme via deh ICHC messijez.


O Hai cween mj! I am sending this link cause my pop-in-law has gone to live in Heaven now. I has a very big sad in my heart and lots of tears in my eyes. He was very special man! He was Father to 6 boys and 1 girl, Coach of Hannibal High Football for 30 years, drafting and architecture teacher for 30+ years and Grandfather to many and Great-Grandfather to 5. He will be missed by lots and lots of peeps.