Minnesota Cat Video Festival

Dis info comingz tu us frum Laughing Cats!

Teh Minnesota cat video festival whut were had virtually dis year.  Mostest ov teh videos waz frum local Minnesoteans but dere were sum ovvers tu.  Here am teh linkee:
Dis will onlee werk until Sunday nite (Aug 23), so peeps kin looklook and have sum laffs dis weekend.

One thought on “Minnesota Cat Video Festival

  1. Thanks tew yew, laffingcat and mai leej! I had a reminder to watch it, but, as usual, didn’t see it or react to it. The MNCATVIDFEST that was at the State Fair was the first one that I attended, and was SO privileged to meet Lil BUB and her dude in person. He was so patient and nice, it’s no wonder BUB chose him and his family to be her hosts during her visit here. BUB died on my birthday last year. I watched the videos last night.

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