Cats at Four Winds

Dis came intu mai emayoz frum MamaCat: 

Okay gang, here we go- Booger, Frosti, SheeLa, Zebtu, Pippi and Tippi are going in the day before, on November 10, to have their surgeries on Wednesday, November 11!!!!!!! I will have to carry a balance, but the vet office is going to let me do this (I am a good customer, lol) But this means – ALL, EVERY LAST ONE -of the fur kids will be spayed/neutered!! Please, donations now are critical – I can’t get their vaccinations yet, so we need a bit more, PLEASE!!! And please pass this on!!!

Our Facebook page is Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary, to keep up with everyone and see how they are all doing.
Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped with this, I could not have done it without you. One last push, and we will be done!!

KittyRoo am Gonna Walk Fru deh Nite

Dis am frum KittyRoo:

Dear cheezfriends,

My sisters and I (and possibly a cheezie friend) will be walking in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk again this year.  Funds raised are used for research into causes and prevention of suicide, developing and distributing awareness and intervention materials, and supporting and counseling suicide survivors.

We walk together as all my siblings and I have some form of depression.  We remember friends who fight mental illness or have attempted suicide.  I especially will be thinking of my cheezfriends who are fighting against the dark and chaos, and those who have tried to leave the world.  I also carry close the memory of the Night Watchman, our cween’s boi, who inspired my first Overnight.

Donations may be made here:

KittyRoo Walks

Dear Cheezfriends,

I am walking in the Overnight again this year – and pleased to be joined by two of my sisters in this wonderful endeavor! We are raising funds to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization that works to raise awareness of suicide risk, promote screening programs, and provide support for survivors of suicide.

I have been honored by your support in past years – would you consider helping again?

You can donate by clicking here

Or if you prefer snail mail you can download an offline form and send with a check (just please note my name in the “participant” line).

Thank YOU!!

KittyRoo (and Katy and Caroline, my beloved sisters)


Note frum mj:  Az menny uv u know, mai boi took himz own life in deh dark uv night, becuz, az hii sed, “I can’t stand to see another day.”  I am honored more than I can say bai KittyRoo’z walk to halp prevent uthers frum following him into deh eternal darkness.  ❤

Big Cat Art

Due u wanna halp deh big kittehs?  Due u wanna buy sum fabulous art made bai a real live tiger?  U kin due bof!!!  This notice am stolen, I mean um copied frum the newletter from BIG CAT RESCUE in Tampa, Florida. 

This Paw Painting was created by Bengali the tiger at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Paw Paintings are a form of enrichment that our cats enjoy. Non-toxic children’s finger paints are applied to a blank canvas which is then given to a cat. Sometimes they roll around on the canvas, sometimes they paw at it, resulting in a beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art. This canvas is approximately 4′ x 4′ square. The canvas is not on a frame and will be shipped rolled up in a tube. Proceeds from the sale of this Paw Painting will directly benefit the big cats living at the sanctuary. The auction will end on Saturday July 27th 12 PM.

See the video:

Buy the art at

Halp LCB Fight Stoopy Pleh Cancer

look wut just landingifyed in mai inbox frum deh LOLCatBurglar!!!

O hai guise!  A friend who is on the board of the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation asked me to do one of my tutorilols to halp them halp peeps participating in their fundraising events raise more moneys to fight stoopy pleh cancer.  Working on that project inspired me to sign up for their Climb4Life event on July 13 in Washington DC, in part to celebrate our beloved cheezfrenz Kim and Ruth.

This is a rock climbing event, and as u all know, LCB has a slight problem with heights. So I’ll be taking part in the nature photography class instead, hoping to snap some pics of feral YNGs. A burglar can hope, can’t she?

I’d be honored if u guise could  halp me meet my fundraising goal of $1000 (US). Even a dollar or two would halp tremendously. I know moneys are tight for lots of peeps so plz to not worry. You can halp by passing the link to my donation page along to others and asking them to halp u halp me halp HERA stop the loss of women from ovarian cancer by promoting Health, Empowerment, Research, and Awareness. All contributions are tax-deductible (US only.)