A Poem and a Song

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A Poem and a Song
by Leeza/Swirrlgrrl

Leeza/Skwirrlgrrrl walks onto the stage. She is dresst all in blak..
Pants, shurt, and a little blak beret. Itz a Cat Hipburn luk.
Ohai gremlin, this is Stage 2, rite??
Give gremlin a hand, everyboddie!!!
*waits for applause to dye down*
I has some poetrees to resite.
*waits for audiense to kwiet down*

*Assumes dramatik pose and recites:*

Onse in a lifetime
All peeple come together
And they nom as one.


Some may not get it.
They calls themselves carnivores.
We calls tehm EBIL!

Oh plz Ceiling Cat..
Grant mercee to us small onez
Smite the meet eeters!
(or, just gives them a hedbat.)

Den we shall has peese.
Alll throughout the cheez -e-land
And all shall be frenz.

*dramatickally bows hed*

And NOW, a song!!

*First verse pirated off the innertubes and um, revised. No author ref wuz given*
*2nd verse, dat’s originalol*

(to the tune of “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze”)

She flies throught the air
With the greatest of ease.
A lovelee young skwirrl
In the land of the cheez!
Her thick, floofy tail
Helps her balance and steer.
And itz very attracktiv,
Yesh! Tres chic, m’deer!

Oh why wud a kitteh
Make noms out of hur
She’s hardlee a mouthful
Beneeth all the fur!
So kittehs be kind to
Ur small furreh frendz
And keep to urselfs
Ur teef and pointee ends!


See this poem and song at Teh No Noms Consert

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