Nom of Constant Sorrow

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Nom of Constant Sorrow
by Srwy Sparrow

Srwy sparrow hops in. Coks hed to one side? Kin ai hav teh open mic fer jus a minit? We berds iz nommed bai kittehs tew. Hers meh sad story:

*Takes deep bref…sings timidly*

Ai am a nom of constant sorrow
Ai’ve seen nommin all my day.
Ai bid farewell to teh nommin diner
The place where I was nawt but ate.

Fur six long munths aiz been in hidin
No kittehs here hab found meh
Fer in this world ai’m bound ta ramble
I hab cheezfrends to halp me now.

See this poem and song at Teh No Noms Consert

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