The Wait, Whut?

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc One

Teh Wait, Whut?
by LCB (wif aplologies to Teh Band)

Next, I would like to tell u teh story of a journey. A virtual journey to find relief from Real Life. At this time I’d like to welcome all our FailBlog frenz who here with us today or who is stuck in moderation but with us in spirit. *squeeze*!

We has no video for this, but u all knoes teh original song, I’m teh pretty sure.

I logged on teh internets, I was feelin’ sick up and fed;
I just need some place where I can splort my hed.
“Hey, Google, can u tell me where a soul might find some frenz?”
It just showed me “404,” “Nope,” was whut that sed.

Get ur lol on Cheezfrenz, get ur lols for free;
Get ur lol on Cheezfrenz, and (and) (and) it’s all at ICHC.

I clicked on my mouse, I went browsing for a pick-me-up;
When I saw some weirdness that disturbed me: 2 Girls and 1 Cup.
I sed, “That’s nasty, go on, get out of town.”
They sed, “We gotta go ’cause our hit count is way down.”


Browse ’round on MySpace, there’s nothin’ u can say
Then there’s Facebook where folks tell u ’bout their whole darn day.
And on Twitter, there abounds inanity.
I sed, “Do me a favor, guise, wontcha try to Tweet anything compelling?”


Cynicism swallowed me, so I checked out FailBlog.
They sed, “U want something whack, see ‘I Has a Hot Dog’.”
I said, “Wait a minute, FB, u know I’m a feline fan.”
They sed, “That’s too bad. Fail.” Then they *squeezed* me and they ran.


Cats and cheezburgers, now, that makes me feel so fine
When I am sinking low, so I do believe it’s time
To get back to HappyCat, u know he’s teh only one
Who cheers me up with his request for meat-on-bun.


See this song at Cheezstock

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