Nite Watchman, 2012

heer b deh storeez uv deh nite watchman wif deh linkz 2 wear dey wuz originally in deh LOLcats commintz in 2012.

Fur deh Nite Watchman storeez frum 2008, klikking here

Fur deh Nite Watchman storeez frum 2009, klikking here

Fur deh Nite Watchman storeez frum 2010, klikking heer

Fur deh Nite Watchman storeez frum 2011, Klikking heer


An ancient kitteh feebly maikz himz way down thru Cheezland twordz deh Princess Mu Medow. A cold wind rufflolz himz coal black furz and momentarily buffetz him sidewardz. Hii pawzez, den strugglolz on, determined tu reech hiz destination.

Az hii carefully setz wun paw in frunt uv deh uzzer, hii suddenly feelz himself lifted up adn craydlold in sumwunz arms. Hii lukz up into deh kind-luking faic uv a yung man, and notisses dat dehre am anuzzer blak cat riding on deh manz sholder.

“Ohai dhere, old boi,” deh yung man sez. “I b deh NiteWatchman in Cheezland. U must b hedded tu deh Medow. I’m hedded dat way mice elf.”

“yes, mai hyooman, Tessm, tolded mii dat deh medow wuz deh purrfect plaic fur mii tu wait fur hur.” dhe kitteh sez. “I b Morgan.”

They continue on dheir way, deh yung man and deh twu blak catz, wun on himz sholder and wun in himz armz.

“Yoo must b berry old,” deh Watchman sez.

“I b 19,” Morgan sez prowdly.

“Dat am deh exact same age az Winky, here on mai sholder!” deh Watchman exclaimz. “It am an egg salad age fur a kitteh!”

Winky lookz down on Morgan and gibz him a slow wink.

Dehy enter deh Princess Mu Medow and a wunnerful change comez ober Morgan. Himz grizzlolled furz bekum sleek and shiney agin. Hiz faded aiz take on a noo lite. Wifin minnitz, Morgan am himz old self agin. Deh Nite Watchman gently setz him down on deh softee grass. Winky hopz off uv deh Nite Watchmanz sholder and joynz Morgan. Anuzzer blak kitteh called Mama appearz.

Deh three uv dem touch nozez and den skamper across deh medow az if dey were merely 14 agin. “I swear I kin heer dem gigglolling!” deh Watchman sez tu himself wif a smile.

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