Piggeh… Unplugged

Lol Songz \ Piggeh… Unplugged

On April 5, 2010, oodles of Cheezpeeps and a Failpeep or two crowded into teh back room of teh Ty Booteek for a acoustic consert hosted by teh seldom-seen-of-late Guinness Piggeh.  He and his speshul guests singed some classic songs from past events and some new poynyant and hartfelt songs that left teh audience literally swimming in tears. Get ur glowstix and ur ShamWows reddy.

Piggeh, Unplugged

Click teh pic to go to teh event

Guinness Kitteh Dreems ov Guinness Piggeh Consert

pic by Catsablanca

* Classic Rewindification

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