Cheezburger Island

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Cheezburger Island
by lolcatburglar

LCB was supposed to be working on a web project on a Caturday in December, 2007 and got distractified by teh kitteh picture below. She wrote one verse of a song about it and tried to get back to her work. Teh power of teh cyoot was too strong though and eventually a hole song emerged. sit rite down and u’ll see a tayl
A tayl on a tinee kit
That maded all our heds to splort
When we all looked at it

Teh kit was a tiny calico
No Cheezfrenz could ignore
Hed explozshuns prevayl’d that day
Cleenup on aisle four

Cleenup on aisle four

*explode-y noizes*

Teh tiny tayl deployed such floof
*Kaboom!* went evry hed
If not for teh supplies in teh Cyoot Crash Cart
Teh Cheezfrenz would be ded

Teh Cheezfrenz would be ded

Their heds are snug in rubber glubs
Secured wif some duktape
Wif warm blankees, and choklit too
There’s volunteers
Armed wif mops
In case some peeps
Forget to ware hed proteckshun
Heer on Cheezburger ile

So this is teh tayl of exploding heds
Brought on by a kewt lolpic
U have to be extra cawshus
Wehn on kewt pics u click

Teh crash cart and itz volunteers
All do their vry best
To make teh Cheezfrenz cumfterbull
When their heds go West

No skull! No branes! No motor skillz!
Not a single sign of life
When they post such kewt lolcats, itz danjerous as a knife
So wear ur rubber glubs mah frenz
U’ll be in Cheezfren style
Ur branes will stay inside ur hed
Heeer on Cheezburger Ile…

I go do mah werk now. kthxbai

See this song at ICHC

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