Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room Opunz

Az sumz uv u noez, deh mental helthz b wun uv mai kunsernz.   It wuz an undiagnosed depression that tookingifyed mai son from me just after his 27th birthday in 2001.

I haz deh angziyeteez dat needingz deh medz tu keeping mii on deh eben keel.  I haz notissinged dat besidez maiself dere b mennee Cheez peepz wif mental helth issuez.

Lunarmommy, Upfi adn I haz maded Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room as a place for Cheezpeepz tu vizit wen dey b fiting deh ebil depression oar angziety oar uzzer such problemz. Oar b deeling wif lubbed wunz hoo b habbing deh problemz.  Here peepz will finding deh kumfort uv tea and sympathy.  I know dat peepz kum tu ICHC fur deh frenz and kumpassion, but deh Tea Room b a speshul plaice fur wen dey b habbing deh overwhelming “AAAARRRRGGGHHHH” dat dey not want tu airing on ICHC.  Dis iz for peepz wif reel, serious issuez. Itz fur peepz hoo iz on, oar mebbee shud b on, medz fur deh hedz.

Lunarmommy, Upfi adn I will eech making a post wen wii b online adn listening.  U kin making deh comment tu hoo ever b availablol tu telling us how u b feeling and wii will ansering u wif deh support adn frendliness and lubz and reassurance dat u b ok.

Deh Tea Room haz a list uv mental helth linkz fur giving u sum professional anserz tu ur kwestyunz.

I hopez awl deh Cheezpeepz will feeling free tu viziting  Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room tu saying ohai adn luk arownd.

Plz tu reeding deh Abowt paige tu learning moar abowt Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room.

Fankeez fur ur kind attenshun.


17 thoughts on “Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room Opunz

  1. sutch teh awsumness uv teh eye-deers!!! A haz a sun hoo haz teh mental siknesses adn teh sooport wood hab bean nyce to be habbing wen himz waz a yungstur.

    fanggz-chew fur beeing sow conc… conz… fur beeing teh thotfulness!!

  2. ohai – taht’s wunnermuss an, an, an self-less – anudder linkee if ewefinksew wud hep – my user uRL fur heps wif medisins n cayse sumbuddee myte qwall, kwall, hmm…might be able to meet requirements. fank ewe won an awl.

  3. Ai’ve ben triing to delurkufi foar long tiem, butt WurdPress keeps modurateeng mi! Haz bin awn ICHC, butt moduratid an *pouf!* cawmint gon!

    Cween – dis the moast wunnermus idear EVAR! Ai haz same problems wif pleh-preshun. Have read Miss Dunkey’s storee uv try umf n strenf. Haz bin on manee medicins an stil triing to find purrfect won.
    fankees so MOICHE fur ur braveree, generuss spiret and loverlee creeative mind!

    • Oh hai MouseD’anon!!

      If u clikking on deh “contact us” link at deh bottom uf deh ICHC paige, it will opun a speshul comment box fur u tu riting tu deh cheeziz. Telling dem ur delurkifycayshun problem and dey will ansering u in ur emayo.

      Kafleen b berry brave indeed!! Adn I b so glad shii b getting deh halpz shii needingz. U keep trying deh meds. And give eech wun a chantz tu halping… sumtimez take a whyle fur it tu kik in. And wen it duz, u will b like — Oh, dis iz nice! Duz uzzer peepz feeling like dis awl deh time? — U will b so happee!!!

      I glad u b liking Miz Floofytaylz Tea Room. I hopez it will halping peepz.


  4. Have tried many time to post & delurk, but keep getting moderated & my comments disappear. Maybe this one will work?

    Cween – your story is so sad, but also so beautiful. Your generous spirit is so appreciated. I also suffer from depression – terribly – and, am struggling to find the right medicines myself. There are days when I wonder how I go on.

    Thank you so much for your generous spirit, sweet intentions and lovely soul. I will stop by often.

    Ok… Wondering is this will post? Maybe? Yes?

    • oh, mouse, when you are new, they moderate your comments, is a check of perserverence, I think, contact the help people, they will get you fixed. *extends floofy-paw of friendship*

  5. You three cheezpeeps deserve the highest award ICHC can give for the year. Your thoughtfulness is beyond measure. I love the tea room site and the descriptions. It’s exactly what my mind imagined it would be. My aunt (father’s youngest sister) took her life at age 46 in 1972, so there is a depression link in my family. I wish all the cheezpeeps with pleh-pression (such a great name) give the tea room a visit when things start looking gray. But follow drtinycat recommendations too, that’s the best. And rememer, we are all here for you in spirit.

  6. Lovely idea and I thank you for providing this service for any of us who need some moral support. I’m very thankful to not it right now but am happy to know there is help available this close. Love you all.

  7. CweenMJ, Lunnarmommy and Upfi, Thank you so much for a lovely, wonderful, non-judgemental place to go. You 3 are awesome. Ai lubs yu!

    • Oh Hai, 3kom!!

      *handz hur a nice cuppa Celestial Seasoningz Tiger Tea* It haz a feerceness!!

      I so glad u haz fowndinged deh halpz u needz. {{{{{3kom}}}} Stop bai ennytime tu talking. Wii haz cawfee, tuu, if u like.

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