Wish You Were Here

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Wish You Were Here
by skwirrlgrrl

K… while u is waiting for teh next offering from teh piggeh… I has a song too!

Plz to feel free to sing along to the musical stylings of the Skwirrlls!
(With aplologies to Pink Floyd)

Oh, Ohai so nice to see
Our friend GP!
He can come out to play
On a cool spring day
Put smiles in our harts
And lift up our Monday

But where has he been so long?
On one of his flights?
Wish piggeh could stay
For more than just one day
But he works very hard
*hedbats RLS*
And time just goes by so fast
Next thing you know he’s away

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We could laugh and hike
Maybe ride on a bike
Or drink a beer
Thinking now of the fun we’ve had
We could have more
*blinks back a tear*
Wish you were here

See this song at Piggeh… Unplugged

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