The Fixin’ To Lol Rag

Lol Songz \ Cheezstock \ Disc One

The Fixin’ To Lol Rag
by bluesfan473

A kitteh appears on stage, red cape stylishly safety pinned into a flowing granny dress, accented by a beaded headband with flowers tucked into it.

Gimme an L! . **L!!** .Gimme an O! . **O!! ** .Gimme another L! .**another L!!**

What’s that spell? . *lol*
What’s that spell? .*LOL!*
What’s that spell??! .*LOL!!!*
What’s that spell?? .*Cripes, we told you three times already!*
What’s that spell?? .*Someone get that kitteh a dictionary!!*

Aw friends, I know you don’t expect to overcome Stoopy Pleh Real Life Syndrome if you can’t yell louder than that! Here’s a song I call The Fixin’ To Lol Rag with many apologies to Country Joe McDonald (sorry, the video sound quality is bad and there are a few ‘adult’ words).

Yeah, come on Cheesefriends, don’t be shy,
We’ll wave some haters ‘bye bye bye’
They don’t like the way we talk,
But all they do is snipe and squawk!
When they yell our pix are fake,
We’ll skip off for break room cake!

And its one two three,
What are we LOLing ‘bout?
Monorail cat’s on the track,
Will Lolrus get his bukkit back?
And its five six seven
Open up the doors to NOM!
Basement Cat is standing by,
Whoopee! Lets have some pie!

Well, come on YNGs, every one,
There’s lots of ironing to be done!
Our humor sometimes is adult
Meant in fun, not to insult!
Cheesepeeps know if they’re too bawdy
They’ll get a trip to the barn that’s naughty!


Well, come on newbies, walk with me
So many sites that you should see!
Rabid weezlols tampering,
Guiness Piggeh scampering.
We know Cheeseland is best, by far
There’s a lion!! Get in the car!!


See this song at Cheezstock

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