Kitties to deh Vet

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So, took Pippi and the three little boys to the V. E. T. today.

Pippi  has an infection in her nose, probably still from that straw I pulled out this spring (!), so she got a shot of long acting antibiotic.  Dr Tom said otherwise, she is doing great.

The  three little boys are the kittens the wild mama brought. She has  disappeared, so am raising them for her. The biggest little boy was 15  oz, the middle one was 13 oz, and the runt was 5 oz. Dr Tom gave them  all worm medicine, and then checked the little one out closely. He  thinks the eye is totally gone, so I should stop trying to salve it and  open it, there is just nothing there and it will hopefully close up on  it’s own and skin grow over it. He also got some stuff to help the  diarrhea. Otherwise, they are all okay. Dr Tom says the little one is still pretty spunky, he was toddling all over the exam table, lol, and I told him that he eats really well, so now we just wait and see. Still watching to see what their names are, right now just calling them Biggie, Midling and LIttle Shit, lol.

Pippi can now play with them, like she has been begging to do since the mama left, I wouldn’t let her until we got her sneezes figured out, so now all four are happy. Pippi is just a baby herself, just a year old, so more like a big sister to them, but that is okay, someone to cuddle up to is never a problem!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated to keeping this cats healthy and well. Being able to take them in when they need it is a huge weight off our heads. There is enough in there right now to get all three little boys neutered when it is time, so thank you thank you thank you!!

Cats at Four Winds

Dis came intu mai emayoz frum MamaCat: 

Okay gang, here we go- Booger, Frosti, SheeLa, Zebtu, Pippi and Tippi are going in the day before, on November 10, to have their surgeries on Wednesday, November 11!!!!!!! I will have to carry a balance, but the vet office is going to let me do this (I am a good customer, lol) But this means – ALL, EVERY LAST ONE -of the fur kids will be spayed/neutered!! Please, donations now are critical – I can’t get their vaccinations yet, so we need a bit more, PLEASE!!! And please pass this on!!!

Our Facebook page is Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary, to keep up with everyone and see how they are all doing.
Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped with this, I could not have done it without you. One last push, and we will be done!!

Inky Crosses deh Bridge

Dis am frum KCTailkinker.  Mai hart goez owt tu hur.  


Inky had been doing well for a 21 year-old kitteh but by Caturday he got nawt feeling well. Mai hart is borked. He went ober da Bridge Toosday morning.
Ai new he was leebing meh and Ai cried. Ai told him he cud go ober da Bridge to be wif his brudders and sisters and friends. Ai sed good bye and told him that he wuz da bestest kitteh.
Later, he passed and he is so missed and loved.
Thank you, Mai Cween!

Teddy crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Dis landinged in mai emayos tuday frum Diamond Kitteh.  mai heart am borking fur hur.

Ohai mai cween, I bear sad tidings. Today we helped Teddy cross the
Bridge. He had a very peaceful death. Here’s the story:

This household was very peaceful yesterday evening and this morning. Last
night I brought Teddy up to my bedroom (where he and his mother, brothers
and sister came when the kittens were about 3 days old); after awhile he
jumped down and went to the top of the stairs, where he lay with Twitch
keeping him company (something she never does). He even batted at his toy
butterfly. This morning we all got up early (again, something that never
happens) and Teddy had some cat milk, then he and I sat on the stoop while
I had my tea. It was a coolish overcast day. After awhile Ted strolled
across the yard and went through a little opening in the cedar hedge and
sat peacefully in his hidey hole for about 15 minutes, then came back to
the stoop. He did this again awhile later, only this time he stopped and
sprayed near the vegetable patch to show those male cats who come around
who is the boss here. Then I gave him some cat treats. He couldn’t smell
them, but once he felt them with his lips on my hand, he eagerly ate them
up; I let him have all he wanted.

Eventually we came inside, he climbed up on the toilet and had a drink,
had some toona joos, then we settled on the floor in the living room. I
brushed him all over (he loved having his belly brushed), him purring all
the while. At 11, when the vet was due to come, Teddy went and hid behind
the couch… My sister, who is a nurse, arrived (through a happy
coincidence), then the vet. Teddy went very peacefully. He protested
slightly to the poke when he got a sedative, then tried to climb off my
lap, but soon relaxed, purring. The vet gave him lots of time to fully
relax. Then a little shaving and poke with an IV, which didn’t cooperate.
Same procedure on the other front leg. Teddy showed no signs of discomfort
through any of this. He was totally relaxed and was gone within 30 seconds
of receiving the IV. My sister stayed for a couple of hours, which was

Teddy is now wrapped in a blanket on my kitchen table. I got to clean his
eyes, the egg yolk off his cheek and the gummy medication build-up from
inside his ears. When I’m ready, I’ll take him over to the vet’s to
arrange for cremation.

Even this morning I was wondering if I should postpone this day, but when
I looked objectively at the situation, I realized it was the right thing
to do for Teddy. He’s free of his nose/sinus problems, weakness and nausea
now, scampering around the Meadow with his brother, Bear, my other heart
kittehs and everyone’s heart kittehs. And the Night Watchman will watch
over him. Be at peace, sweet Teddy, gentlest cat I’ve ever known.

DK/4point5kittehs ❤

Spencer am at deh VET ER Hospital

  1. IDK — vet can’t see him until 5:15!!!!!! It is so odd. He has what should be a (if what I read is true) a benign tumor on his gum , covering his canine tooth. It is about the size of a large marble.
    BUT – he is also breathing odd – very loudly and it looks like there is swelling in his nose — so that is what has me freaked out most.
    He is not is distress – but is working harder than normal to breath. And he is subdued.
    Spence is a very paranoid dog – he over analyzes every situation – so he just hates being examined. After he was neutered i had to get him out of the crate — he would NOT come out for the vet staff.
    Poor baby is probably in for some intense examination.
    If vet is at all unsure I will probably go straight to the specialist hospital that took care of Jazz.

I called the specialist vet hospital — they said to bring him straight in to them now, based on the trouble breathing and that his gums are not bright pink … 

Should be fun trip — 30 minutes with a dog that hates the car ….

I hate that place — because it is where I lost Jazz. But they are the best

… May 27, 2014 at 5:48 pm 


Well, when I got Spencer to the hospital his temp was almost 106. Hella ohai even for a gog. So, the first order of business was getting that down. It came down to 103 and she did a physical exam over Spencer’s clear objections. The exam did not show any overt reason for his difficulty breathing. No pain or clear change in breathing by position change. She feels the lump in his mouth is unrelated to the breathing difficulty and is just a common type of benign tumor.

The problem is it appears that it is harder for him to inhale than to exhale – indicating an obstruction. They are running blood work out the wazoo today and doing full chest xrays and an abdominal ultrasound to see what they can see. If there is nothing to see and the all else indicates that he is safe to sedate then they will scope his nasal passages.

I could have waited for him to be done with the tests and taken him home and then brought him back again tomorrow — but with his tempo climbing so high in the car I elected to leave him. They said he was resting quietly in the crate. And Spencer will object to something, but when it is clear that it is going to happen anyway – he just goes with the flow. So, I think it will be easier for him to just stay rather than coming home and then having to adjust back to being handled by the vet staff.

He is at the full blown specialist vet hospital. Could not be in a better place other than home and well. I had to sign a level of resuscitation order — middle ground – chest compressions etc. but not extraordinary measures… *sigh*

May 27, 2014 at 6:14 pm 

Well — the chest xray shows his lungs are full of white spots. He either has a severe fungal infection or tumors — no good answers. They are starting him on anti-fungal drugs and anti-inflammatories. The problemis that if it is fungal, then when the fungus starts to die – the die off will cause it own terrible probelms. So – I may not get him back.

The doctor has experience with this type of fungal infection from research she did at U of I. She is sending off a urine sample to a research facility somewhere to get a definitive test result. If it is not the fungal infection – I think the end game is worse.


GeMeaux Update

I just picked her awp. Doktor sez she iz doin’ much better. Swelling no where near az bad a yesterday. She uz very perky wen I put her in her ruum, and she gobbled down her food furst fing. An her boyfriend Bear spent some time wif her. Doktor sed tu bring her bak wun moar day. Fingers crossed he meant dat tumorrow wood prawbablee bii her last day tu hab tu kom bak for observation.