Lore adn Legendz

There has been so many memorable advenchurz in Cheezland that we cannot remember them all. Thiz b linkz tu sum uv deh more celebrated advenchoorz dat sum uv deh peepz haz had. Wif maenny fankz tu Janet fur keeping deh historeez fur us. Adn tu deh LCB fur much infoz, tu.

We has grouped them for ur browsing convenience into major categories. Plz to use teh commints to suggestify something to add.

13 thoughts on “Lore adn Legendz

  1. Um hi. 😯 [blink] [blink]
    Just a bit of help here — I think that TinyURL link to the BingLOL maker is the early version; the expanded link with more -isms in it would be this one.
    (Here’s hoping the embedded HTML works, ’cause that’s one bigass link.)

  2. Hur majestee,
    dis unworthee subjeckt of urs is unablol to locayte teh troll taxonomy – butt (hehe) ai needs it badly! Pweeze to put a linkee sumwhere?

  3. ur missn two beeg ebentz dat I kanz recawls- n I finks deh wuz relateded-
    der iz dat grate fud fight wif Teho n LCB n lotz ub uz…

    n den der wuz da dai dat Teho wuz sleepi n weiz spilled da extry large expresso onz him.

    der iz alzo a few mor restcuz ub LCB owts der alzo- da fyremen cum in awn wun ub dem az i recallz….

    Iz hardz two belifez dat I haz been awn dis site fur almos two yerz nao ( weiz started augustish ub da furst yer…..)


  4. heer is the poem and disscussion that started the idea ov the princessmu medow. Kathleen was the furst tew sugest the idea ov a medow. it’s a grate compliment to me that such a lovely plaece has a tiny thred ov me woven into it.

    I luvz u but dis can nevr be

    Note frum mj: Thankz PrincessMu!!! I will put dis link on deh Princess Mu Medow page, tuu. I didn’t noe dat Kafleen used tu b Kathleen!! I learning so much bowt owr history bai duing dis. {{{{PrincessMu}}}}

  5. hoo gnu?
    teh first debreefing thred is teh same one where Maus ended up dangloling me over teh gorge. Coinky dink? I fink not!

  6. Ohai cween, Ai haz juss fownd teh “Twelb Daiz Uv Losmas” dat Ai sabed in mai own poems etc. fyel. Iz dat in teh CTC fyelz? Iffn nawt do u want it?

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