Lol Songz \ Birfday Songz

by lolcatburglar
for JanetCanHas4Kittehs, 6/6/2008

Lolm Wilkinson strides to center stage, in full Jean Valjean regalia, with the addition of an “I ♥ JCH4K” button in his lapel.

He sings:

She stocks teh CCC.
She taught us how to dance!
This marvel we has found
This gal is elegance!

Why should we give her praise?
Why should we sing this song?
Then treat her at teh bar
And fête her all day long?

Our Janet, we lubs her hard
If we may say so, she’s a staaaaaaaaar!

She is the darling of hunnerts of Cheezfrenz.
They all flock to her.
She is teh soul of us
How would we live
Without her esprit?

Our Janet, we lubs her hard
If we may say so, she’s a staaaaaaaaar!

Who is she?
She handles trolls with calm and dignity
Pretends she does not see their enmity
She’s eloquent, she exudes grace
She adds enchantment to this place
Who is she?

We can’t conceal teh fact that we adore
A dame who is teh bomb and a lot moar.
And evry time she sez “O hai”
We smile and sigh a happy sigh
That’s no lie.

How can we express our grate lubs for her?
Perhaps with a ginormous cheezburger.
Our hearts belong to her, u know
Her name’s on all teh street signs, oh!
She gave to us teh Nawty Barn
She gives us cause to party on.

Who is she? Who is she?
She’s our Ja-net!

And so Janet, u see itz tru
That we love no one moar than u!
Who is she?

*Lolm Wilkinson beckons for Janet to join him in teh spotlight, gives her a big smooch on teh cheek, presents her wif a bookay of roses and a 16-ounce mokka wif extry spresso, tosses “I ♥ JCH4K” buttons to teh cheering crowd.*

Happy birfday, Janet! I hope u don’t mind that I didn’t sing ur song myself. Lolm was happy to do it, since he knowed teh tune and had his costume alreddy reddy alreddy. Besides, u know that I woulda gived u a “I ♥ JCH4K” button and tossed 16-ounce mokka wif extry spresso onto teh crowd.
Lubs and snorgles from LCB, Esme, Liam and teh boyfrent in teh car wif teh winders open.

See this song at ICHC

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