Searchin Fir Old Commintz

Iz u lukking fur sumfing u oar sumwun else sedded a wyle bak adn u kan’t remembering which lol it wuz on? U kin uze Google tu searching just deh Cheezland website …..

go tu deh Google Advanced Search

U kin  putting in ur name, adn/or sumwun else in deh conversashun, adn az mennee uzzer werdz as u noe wuz sed, and an exact phrase, if u membering wun.

Use deh ____________ or ___________ or __________ boxez fur a werd dat may haz ben spelled several wayz…… dunno hoo wud spelling fingz weerd.   *innosent luk*

Den put in deh space dat sez “Search within a site or domain:”

Den klikking on “Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more” and filling owt enneefing dere dat helpz narrowing it down.   Mostly I use dis fur deh date feet chewer.

Wunst u haz awl deh stuffz u kin thinking uv in deh blankz, krossing ur finnerz adn hitting deh search buttin.

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