General Sillynessez

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Here is some everyday shenanigans, larks and hijinks. grate Jamama Italix feu paw on i had a sad but i drownded it. It awl started wen Jamamakitty turned Italics on in hur comment and fergot tu turn dem off agin. Deh whole rest uf deh thred went italic. She adn sevral peepz tried tu turn deh italicz bak off, but tu no avayl. Comments entered above hers are normal. But everything after it iz italisized. Even deh text in deh tew rite hand side barz is still italic!! Pleaze tu not try tu fixing it noaw…. that wud take away awl deh funz!! Dance (part of Janet’s farewell festivities) on Oh man is she writin a check. Kitteh Is SO Big Duel between Romeow and LCB, wif kibbitzing from other Cheezpeeps on growth hormone cat likes your couch. haz postinged a tour uv Cheezland fur deh nooobeez wunst oar twiyst, oar mebbee 5 tiymez. Dis Grand Tour on Toby findz today’s financial news b wun uv deh most kumpleet. deh midst uv Cheezland, a game uv Clue occurred on CSI kitteh is collecting evidence. kittehz haz Commandmentz? Yes!! They duz. Altho they lukking moar like commandmentz fur deh catslavez tu mii. Janet enumerated dem fur us on On the First Day… bai deh funny LOL, AngelPlume tolding us deh story uv Deh Kitteh, Deh Gerbil adn Deh Trollz on Damn.. he hired bodyguards. Be shur to skroll down and reeding awl four partz. News for Bunnehs on Are we live?, with your anchor, Mz. Jackal. With On-Teh-Spot reporter Wolverine Girl and featuring LCB on Sports, ittehbittehkitteh on Weather and dogbotherer on Entertainments. welcome thee aboard Amish Airways on I Is Amish Lolcat. starts an alphabetical list of proverbs on NEXT TIEM… then kimkiwi and LCB face off over the rest of teh list in a duel to teh laffs..Another list of lolproverbs occurred on it not has ur name on it. takes ur burger order on chezbargr riot. menopaws interest u in a set of Mood Ears? Go see mah earz to read all about them. dances sans shirt on diz mai squidz. (We should point out that even though the person who types for Romeow is a female-type woman-person, the shirtless Romeow here is a boi.) a preformace of Consumed by Love, a one-act play by ittehbittehkitteh, on voices tell me things. horse around wif animlol names on Can I come live wiv u? I pwomise I’ll stay this size. gives us teh ongoing saga of Mr. Kitteh Goes to Washington. Part 1 starts on Y U FROWIN MEEH OUT. Be sure to read Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, AND Part 7. u has ur lolcat annivershury gift guide? Get one on Viking cat. wonder whut happens after u submit a lol? Teh voting process is eggsplained on Dis fud. u dint noeing dat dere b rednek sign tistz. To find owt maor bowt dem, chek dis list uv “Yew mite b a rednek sinetist… on I could.
Moar Lore:
Originz and Furstz | Advenchurz | True Life Storiez | Eventz | General Sillynessez | Mewsical Misadvenchurz | LBT Produckshuns

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