Fankz Yew!

Dis am frum TikkyTac, who am overwhelmed wif gratitude:

     Ohai mai deer peeps ov teh Cheez whirrld, dis iz TikkyTac hoo now haz a frunt yard wif NO giant oke tree layin on itz side innit, fanks tu teh unbeeleebabloly jennyrus, wunnerflol peeplols owt dere hoo donaytid munnees tu me, tu reemoovify teh (formerly magniffisent) pore old tree.
     Itz hard to finding teh rite wurds when yu (me) iz oberwhalmified wif grattitood…it am an awkwurd feelin. So many peeps ai du nawt hardly eebin kno, who did dis for me. Fankyu forebber, ebbrywun. Much, much Cheez lubz frum me adn mai kitteh boi Laurie.

4 thoughts on “Fankz Yew!

  1. Tikky!
    Yew ar moast welcome tu teh starz adn bakk. 🙂 Teh cosmic forces dealt yew kwite a blow, adn ai’m glad wii cood halps yew fru it. ❤

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